Pay rule automation with isolved can be achieved through the isolved Payroll and HCM platform, which offers various features to streamline HR processes and ensure accurate wage calculations. Time Clock can be used to make this process easier. Like, CloudApper AI Time Clock is a powerful time-tracking solution that integrates seamlessly with isolved’s HR software, offering numerous benefits for businesses looking to streamline their payroll processes. By automating wage progression calculations using predefined rules and criteria, this Time Clock for isolved eliminates the need for complex methods and reduces the risk of errors while saving time.

Compatibility with isolved Pay Rule

One of the key advantages of CloudApper AI Time Clock is its compatibility with isolved HCM, which allows for the automation of wage progression calculations. The integration collects data from isolved HCM and other third-party systems, processes it according to predefined rules, and returns the new wage rate to isolved HCM or another third-party payroll system when an employee meets all requirements. This automation eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring accurate and timely wage calculations for your workforce.


CloudApper AI Time Clock

Ingredion’s Adoption of CloudApper AI TimeClock For Contactless Time Punching Through Barcode Scaning

The Benefits of Pay Rule Automation

In addition to wage progression automation, CloudApper AI Time Clock offers other features that enhance workforce management and productivity. These features include:

  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency: CloudApper AI Time Clock provides precise records of employee work hours, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring fair compensation. Its AI capabilities guarantee accurate time monitoring and data management, assuring equitable remuneration and labor law compliance for enterprises of all sizes and sectors.
  • Streamlined payroll processing: Payroll is processed more quickly and with fewer errors thanks to CloudApper AI TimeClock’s compatibility with industry-standard human capital management (HCM) and payroll software.


  • Reduction of time theft and fraud: CloudApper AI TimeClock’s biometric face recognition technology helps prevent time theft and fraudulent activities, such as buddy punching, by ensuring employees clock in and out using their faces.
  • Accessibility and convenience: CloudApper AI TimeClock’s Android and iOS apps make monitoring time a breeze, allowing employees to focus on their jobs instead of dealing with tedious paperwork.
  • Compliance management: Organizations that have used CloudApper AI TimeClock have reported a significant reduction in compliance risks, saving valuable resources and preventing expensive fines.


By implementing CloudApper AI TimeClock with isolved, businesses can achieve a more efficient and accurate payroll process, ensure compliance with labor regulations, and reduce the risk of errors. This integration ultimately leads to increased productivity, cost savings, and a more engaged and satisfied workforce. To implement pay rule automation with isolved, contact us now.