CloudApper Text to Apply​

Simplifying Job Applications for a Smoother Hiring Experience

Are you tired of missing out on qualified candidates due to a tedious and complex job application process? Introducing CloudApper Text to Apply – the AI solution that transforms the way frontline employees apply for open positions. Eliminate lengthy forms and introduce a streamlined, conversational experience that enhances your hiring process.
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Winner of the 2023 UKG
Technology Innovator Award


How Does

CloudApper Text to Apply Works?


1Scan the QR Code

The first step in using CloudApper Text to Apply is to scan the QR code. This code can be strategically placed in various locations such as job postings, websites, physical flyers, or even at events. Job seekers who come across the QR code can easily scan it using their smartphone or tablet.

2Start a Conversation

Once the QR code is scanned, the job seeker instantly recieve the job information and contact number for sending a text to apply for the job. This marks the beginning of a conversational interaction. Instead of filling out lengthy and often tedious application forms, job seekers can now engage in a natural language conversation with the AI through SMS.

3Provide Information

During the conversation, CloudApper AI will ask questions and prompt the job seeker for the necessary information. This can include personal details, work experience, preferences, and any other relevant information required for the job application. Job seekers can provide this information in a conversational manner, making the process feel more engaging and less cumbersome.

The Problem We Solve

Job searchers, especially blue-collar workers, struggle with cumbersome application forms.
Many potential candidates drop out of the process due to its time-consuming and frustrating nature.
Hiring managers miss out on excellent prospects because of
barriers to entry.

The Solution

CloudApper AI Text to Apply

CloudApper Text to Apply revolutionizes the application process by offering a user-friendly and efficient way for candidates to apply for open jobs. Here’s how it works:

Conversational Interaction

Candidates can scan a QR code, text a shortcode, or use our AI chatbot to start the application process. CloudApper hrGPT then engages with the candidate in natural language conversations to gather the necessary information, making the application process feel like a friendly chat.

Automated Data Collection

No more lengthy forms to fill out! CloudApper hrGPT intelligently collects the required applicant information through conversational prompts. This data is seamlessly compiled and organized, saving time and effort for both candidates and hiring teams.


Effortless Applications

CloudApper Text to Apply simplifies the journey for job seekers. They can provide essential details, work experience, and preferences through interactive conversations. The process is intuitive, engaging, and hassle-free.

Enhanced Hiring Efficiency

Hiring managers benefit from a more efficient screening process. With accurate and organized data, they can quickly identify qualified candidates, streamlining the selection process and reducing the risk of overlooking potential hires.

Seamless Integration

All applicant data collected through CloudApper Text to Apply is seamlessly synced with your ATS/HCM system. This integration ensures that your candidate pool is always up to date, enabling a seamless transition from application to evaluation.

Want to Give it a Test Drive?

Why Choose

CloudApper AI Text to Apply?

  • Accessibility: Reach a wider pool of candidates by offering an easy-to-use application process that appeals to job seekers of all backgrounds.

  • Time Savings: CloudApper Text to Apply eliminates the need for time-consuming forms, speeding up the application process for both candidates and hiring teams.

  • Engagement: Engage candidates with conversational interactions that create a positive impression of your organization and its commitment to a user-centric experience.

  • Accurate Data: Say goodbye to manual data entry errors. CloudApper Text to Apply ensures accurate and well-organized candidate information.

  • Improved Hiring: Enhance your hiring efficiency and attract the best-fit candidates by removing barriers to the application process.


Join the Future of Hiring with
CloudApper Text to Apply

Embrace innovation and efficiency in your hiring process with CloudApper Text to Apply. Simplify job applications, engage candidates, and unlock the potential of blue-collar talent. Say hello to a seamless, conversational application experience and wave goodbye to missed opportunities.

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