Field Service Management App
to Monitor Job Progress in Real-Time

The easily customizable CloudApper field service management software is packed with great features and workflows to help you streamline the entire field operation for greater profitability.


CloudApper Field Service Management Software

The CloudApper field service management software allows you to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by streamlining your entire field service operation. Use the power of AI to analyze job data captured in the field to detect patterns and predict risks that can impact overall project performance and outcomes.


Manage fieldworkers effortlessly

Assign field resources and verify their presence on-site with geo-tagging. View and manage their ongoing tasks and collect customer data to efficiently streamline your field service activities.


Increase workforce productivity

Enable fieldworkers to easily log job deliverables and access runbook information from their phone. Field users can capture pictures, videos, signatures, and more for real-time review by central project teams


Use AI to reduce project risk

Our AI engine will analyze your collected job data to optimize resource allocation, more accurately estimate project time and labor costs, and predict which tasks will need additional guidance.

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Fully Customizable

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Instantly customize the CloudApper field service management software without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!


Editable app templates


No coding skills required


Drag and drop editor


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Field Service Management Application

If you’re already digitizing some aspects of your business, why not add field work management to that list? The CloudApper field service management software eliminates manual processes and centralizes work activities so that all project resources have real-time visibility. 

Work from

Anywhere at Anytime

The CloudApper field service management application enables users to work on-the-go and monitor jobs from any location. Using the powerful mobile application, field employees can complete tasks and update their progress using a smartphone or tablet.

Features of the

CloudApper Field Service Application

Audit-Management-icon Audit Management

Field technicians can easily perform site audits and digitally capture required information. Features include custom checklists, photo, video, and digital signature capture, and item/equipment management.


Runbook-Management-icon Runbook Management

Project resources can easily load their runbooks so that job deliverables and instructions can be quickly accessed by field technicians to optimize performance. Central teams are automatically notified of completed tasks for review and feedback.

Schedule-Jobs-icon Schedule Jobs

Easily schedule jobs, review jobs, and set up notification reminders. Technicians can create custom views to see their outstanding work orders each day and sort them by status.


Field-Service-History-icon AI-Powered Analytics

The app provides detailed work histories, including general trends of job scheduling, service quality, productivity level, breakdown frequencies, and lifespans. Our AI engine can analyze the data for patterns to optimize resource allocation and work outcomes.

Contact database

Store your customer, supplier, and contractor information in one organized system for better collaboration and team management.



Highly scalable cloud infrastructure that can be easily upgraded or downgraded to meet operational needs.

Real time tracking

Ensure accountability with geo-fencing and time tracking. View worker locations in real-time on a map & use AI to predict work time.


Web & mobile app

Handle all field tasks and view dashboards directly from the mobile app. All data is also available through the corresponding web application.

Cloud architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. The CloudApper Field Service app is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment.


Highly customizable

Not all organizations have the same requirements. Easily configure the Field Service app to meet the specific needs of your organization. Change field names, job type, workflows, notifications, and more, tailoring the service to your needs.

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Why Choose Our

CloudApper Field Service Management Software?

  • Improved efficiency

    Integrated planning, scheduling and dispatching features improves operational efficiency.

  • Seamless communication

    Sharing of information in real-time ensures effortless communication and compliance.

  • Better accessibility

    Assign work orders to field workers based on their availability for improved work performance.

  • Customer management

    Create a life-long customer list and log to provide outstanding, reliable service each time a customer calls.

  • Maximum flexibility

    Quickly and easily customize the CloudApper Field Service application per your requirements without any programming or coding.

Who Can Use

CloudApper Field Service Management Software?


The CloudApper Field Service app is an essential tool for owners and managers of HVAC companies to streamline operations and grow their businesses. You can easily schedule and dispatch technicians to perform various tasks, generate bigger tickets, estimate time, track work progress, and provide great customer service— all in one place.


Running a business in the pest control industry is hard work. Whether it's industrial facilities or households, you need to get to work fast. To match the speed of demand and provide excellent end-to-end service, our solution helps to automate manage new client onboarding, managing jobs, scheduling crews, and every other aspect involved in running a pest control business.

repair service

Operating an appliance repair business means managing a lot of administrative headaches. Our field service software is specifically designed to streamline repair service processes, gain real-time visibility into tasks being performed by field techs, and automate day-to-day operations so you can focus on growing your business.


The cleaning business has seen a huge rise over the last few years, but managing service tasks the old way will not meet business needs. With the CloudApper Field Service app, all job assignments, activity tracking, job documentation, and approvals can be handled from a smartphone. Capture before and after photos, video clips, customer signatures and more!


Modernize your plumbing business with our Field Service Application with a complete range of functionality to increase the work efficiency of field technicians. The solution provides better coordination between the back office and field teams through digital work orders, helping you increase customer satisfaction and revenue.


The unique requirements of the construction business makes it challenging for business owners to deliver tasks within a strict timeline. Field Service enables construction companies to easily manage jobs and contractor deliverables with customized runbooks, automated tasks, geo-fencing, and more.

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We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

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Learn how the field service management application streamlines the job delivery process by automating digital tasks, tracking time, and coordinating resources.


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CloudApper Field Service FAQ

CloudApper Field Service is a field management service solution. With the aid of artificial intelligence, Field Service can digitally transform and streamline all the processes involved in field service operations and monitor employee performance and the status of the tasks being performed. Field Service also provides a platform for Field Managers to accurately analyze field data to improve safety standards while maximizing productivity.

The subscription-based CloudApper Field Service costs $10 per user per month. With this monthly fee, the user gains unlimited access to all the CloudApper platform’s capabilities and solutions.

Yes. CloudApper Field Service allows for companies to easily migrate their data from their existing server or database onto Field Service to ensure business continuity.

Field service management apps can be used by a variety of industries. These include construction, mining and agriculture. Use cases of CloudApper Field Service include:

  • Work order management

    CloudApper Field Service allows companies to allocate employees and resources efficiently to achieve the best results and outcomes.

  • Employee Monitoring

    CloudApper Field Service allows companies to keep track of their employees and the progress of their assigned tasks.

  • Site audits

    With CloudApper Field Services, audits and progress can be accurately captured into the online database.

  • Data capturing

    CloudApper Field Service can use artificial intelligence to provide detailed information on projects histories and trend information on productivity levels and equipment output.

Yes. With CloudApper Field Service, companies can manage several field projects simultaneously.

Yes, in fact, with the CloudApper Field Service solution, users can upload more than just documents or PDFs. Media can also be uploaded onto the digital database for a more accurate assessment of a project. This can be in the form of pictures and even videos.

Yes. CloudApper Field Service runs on mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. The solution is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Yes, CloudApper Field Service is highly customizable, making it a key reason why CloudApper Field Service can be suitable for your company. Due to the high level of customization it offers, Field Service is prepared to meet your company’s field operation project requirements no matter the project your company undertakes.

If you want to cancel your CloudApper Field Service subscription, users can contact their designated customer success analyst and request their CloudApper services be canceled.

Yes. Notifications will be received on both mobile and web-based applications. Whether it is scheduling notifications or field service reports, users will never miss key information due to the notifications provided.

The notifications also ensure that your employees gain the key information they require when they are assigned a task. For example, the task, location and other relevant site particulars are types of notifications.

Yes, data security is a priority at CloudApper. That is why when your company selects Field Service to store information, you can be assured that every precautionary step available has been taken.

CloudApper employs a secure and highly advanced cloud-based storage system. Due to the stringent protocol in place, only a handful of highly qualified individuals are granted access to conduct maintenance. This ensures that security is always maintained.

Internally within your organization, access can be granted based on the employee’s position. This means that information is only accessible to users who are granted access. For example, your company’s management can be granted access to all areas of the database while other employees will be allocated access to only information relevant to their responsibilities.

Ensuring complete data security on both ends means that your data will always be safe on CloudApper Field Service.

Simplicity is key for CloudApper. The learning curve is minimal due to the simple user interface provided on CloudApper Field Service. Your designated customer success analyst provides training and a live demonstration. Training videos will also be provided to assist you with your new field service solution.

Yes, CloudApper Field Service can integrate with your existing legacy systems to supplement your company’s current system with CloudApper Field Service’s capabilities.

CloudApper solutions can also seamlessly integrate into other CloudApper products, providing your company with the option of managing your business processes through CloudApper.

Yes. CloudApper wants to ensure that your company succeeds. That is why, upon purchasing the CloudApper Field Service solution, users are allocated a customer success analyst. It is the analyst’s responsibility to ensure they provide you with the assistance you need when using the field service solution.

Field operations can be a complex project for any company. There are several variables to consider, from project deadlines to employee safety.

CloudApper Field Service provides a digital system that digitally transforms and simplifies the processes conducted during field service operations. By leveraging the power of an AI system, CloudApper Field Service can analyze the project your company is conducting. Information surrounding the project will then be provided through the system. This means that by using CloudApper field service, your company can increase the potential safety of employees. After all, safe employees are productive employees.

With CloudApper Field Service, your company can efficiently conduct field service products, meet deadlines and optimize performance.

CloudApper Field Service is available in English, Spanish, French and Turkish. Intending to assist as many companies as possible, CloudApper provides the Field Service solution in four languages to cater to several countries and demographics.

Yes. Field service projects can vary in scale, so that is why CloudApper Field Service can grow with your company’s projects. From only $10 per user per month, your company can easily increase or reduce the number of users you have on the system, depending on the scale of the project.

Yes. The data your company uploads into CloudApper Field Service is solely owned by the company. If your company wishes to change or cancel their subscription, they can remove their data or transfer it to their new system with peace of mind that it is their data.

Data is uploaded onto the CloudApper Field Service database and shown on your company’s dashboard. It is important to note that the dashboard is customizable, so the indicators can be changed to show the most relevant information for your current project or reporting needs.

Information uploaded onto CloudAppers Field Service database is stored on a secure external cloud-based server. This server always allows users to have access while not compromising the security of the data.

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