AI TimeClock

iPad/Tablet Based Cost Effective Time Clock Application
for All Major HR Systems


Winner of the 2023 UKG
Technology Innovator Award


Super Efficient Employee Time Clock Kiosk Application

Shift Management

by empowering employees to bid, swap & confirm attendance.

Touchless Face ID

eliminates time theft
and buddy punching.

Automate PTO
and Overtime

calculations based on
unique HR requirements.

Geofencing &
GPS Tracking for

Geofencing &
Face Biometric for

collecting location information and identity verification.

24/7 AI Assistant
to Answer

HR related questions and automate tasks.

Employee Self-Service

to empower employees with time management.

HR &
Payroll Integration

with all major HR/HCM systems for seamless data sync.


with labor laws to reduce legal risks for business.

Experience the Future of
Time Tracking!

Seamless Time Tracking,
Even When Offline

Empower your field workforce with the flexibility to track time accurately, even in areas with unreliable internet connectivity. Our app seamlessly captures time offline and automatically syncs all data to your HR system once a network connection is established. This ensures:

Group Time Capture

Field employees in construction, agriculture, or remote locations can be clocked in/out in groups, and manage activities without worrying about connectivity.

Streamlined Workflows

Job transfers, custom data capture, and attestations can be completed offline, eliminating the need for manual data entry upon returning to the office.

Improved Data Accuracy

Offline functionality and seamless integration with HR systems eliminates the risk of lost or inaccurate data due to network issues.

Focus on What Matters Most – Managing Your Workforce,
Not Worrying About Connectivity.

Turn Any Tablet Into an AI Powered
Affordable Employee Time Clock Device

Our AI-powered employee time clock solution works with any iOS or Android tablet for employee punch submissions, self-service, and more – creating a versatile solution for optimizing workforce management.

Reduce HR Burden

CloudApper AI TimeClock has an AI Assistant that can answer HR questions for workers right away. From HR policies to employee perks, AI can automate HR tasks, requests, and questions. This frees up overworked HR teams, speeds up the HR process, and adds a huge amount of value.

Cost Effective Solution

CloudApper AI TimeClock helps to reduce overall costs by transforming tablets into smart time clocks. Improve your bottom line and expand employee interaction touchpoints with a flexible solution that runs on standard Android tablets and iPads.

Adapts To Your Needs

CloudApper AI TimeClock is highly customizable to meet the exact needs of your business. Customize punch submission methods, data capture forms, and more to seamlessly integrate with your workflows to ensure a perfect fit for your organization’s unique requirements.

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Multiple Time Capture Modes

CloudApper AI TimeClock provides versatile time capture options. Employees can submit their punches using various modes, including face ID, QR codes, barcodes, and NFC. This flexibility ensures that each staff member can choose the method that suits them best, enhancing ease of use and overall efficiency.

Increase Employee Productivity &
Ease the Burden on HR Staff

Reduce HR burden and take employee efficiency to a whole new level with CloudApper AI TimeClock. Employees can use to AI-powered solution to ask HR-related queries instead of contacting HR – enhancing employee engagement, improving job satisfaction, and reducing HR stress.

Unmatched Versatility and


Easily turn any iOS or Android tablet into an AI-powered HR assistant, empowering your employees to record working hours, access schedules, manage time off requests, and easily receive answers to HR queries. Organizations can save compared to traditional time clocks, making our AI TimeClock solution cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

Easy Integration with
HR/HCM and Payroll Softwares

CloudApper AI TimeClock seamlessly integrates with all leading HR/HCM platforms, including UKG, isolved, Ceridian Dayforce, ADP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Workday, Infor and more to ensure fair payroll calculation, compliance with labor law, reduce labor cost and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

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Simplifying Time Tracking

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The ability to track time using separate categories...

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Easy to implement and works great once setup.

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Efficient, knowledgeable, and accommodating ...

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Simplified UKG Time Tracking For Us

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A Touchless and Unique Solution for Efficient Workforce Management

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Advanced, affordable iPad/Tablet-based ukg time clock

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