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Cutting-Edge Features


Train LLM/AI with
Corporate Data

Boost data accessibility with CloudApper AI’s knowledge management. Convert documents like HR policies and product info into a knowledge base. Customize AI training for efficient workflows & informed decisions with intelligent assistants.


Proprietary Data Kept Private

CloudApper AI prioritizes your data’s privacy and security. Unlike some systems, we ensure data remains private, confidential, and within your control. Your valuable information is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

No Coding Required

Experience streamlined system elevation through CloudApper AI’s seamless, no-code integration. Privately incorporate AI for amplified efficiency, saving valuable time, resources, and costs while positioning your enterprise at the forefront of innovation.

Newest-AI-Technology Newest AI Technology

Embrace AI innovation with CloudApper AI. We guarantee that you’ll stay current with the latest advancements, continuously equipping your enterprise system with cutting-edge AI/LLM tools. Experience optimized performance and unmatched industry relevance.


Integration-Data-Exchange Integration & Data Exchange

CloudApper comes equipped with advanced integration capabilities, enabling seamless integration with third-party solutions. Enterprises can even integrate CloudApper with their legacy systems to avoid data migration headaches and ensure seamless data exchange between systems.

Workflow-Automation Workflow Automation

CloudApper provides extensive workflow automation features that help organizations automate repetitive tasks and processes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing errors. We easily build and configure workflows using our design studio and can even inject custom code for data exchange.


Analytics Analytics

Our AI-powered platform provides custom dashboards to view performance indicators and provide real-time insights for data-driven decision-making. It can also generate custom reports that provide data in any format, shareable via SMS, email, Slack, or
other third-party solutions.

Notifications Notifications

The CloudApper platform enables users to send push notifications, text messages, and email alerts to specific users in real-time based on configurable trigger events – helping to improve productivity, reduce bottlenecks, and address crucial incidents at the workplace.


drag-and-drop Drag & Drop

CloudApper’s AI platform and its drag-and-drop design editor help us create custom enterprise-grade software solutions easily in the shortest possible time, without any programming knowledge. We can create any software solution that meets the unique requirements of customers.

NFC & Barcode Scanning

With CloudApper, you’ll be able to make apps that can scan over 20 different 1D and 2D barcode types found across a wide range of industries. The platform also supports NFC, which is a more secure and reliable method of data transfer.


This feature can be used to create a virtual geographic border around site locations to enforce user actions within your apps. For example, users must be within the “fence” to check in for a job.

Analytics Dashboard

Build custom dashboards to view key performance indicators and gain real-time insights from application activity. Quickly access dashboards from your phone or a web browser on your computer.


Subscribers can access numerous pre-built applications through the CloudApper Marketplace. These are instantly deployable web and mobile apps, developed using our AI platform by our globally-distributed community of development experts.

Apply logic

Add logic into apps to automate repetitive operations and follow designed workflows. When a trigger is activated, the logic will follow its specified functions.

Capture images & videos

Enable users to add a rich level of context and detail to their activity by capturing and linking images, videos, and audio clips to records within your apps.

Generate reports

Build highly customized reports and forms with our robust engine and access them in real-time from your phone or web browser for smarter decision-making.

Send notifications

Build workflows that trigger in-app push, email, and SMS notifications to designated users for real-time alerts.

Create schedules

Easily create and schedule tasks, jobs, reminders or other actions within any app for users to quickly view from a phone.


Log GPS coordinates for functions like user check-ins or asset tracking. View data from a phone or web browser.


Cloud Agnostic

The CloudApper platform comes with a highly scalable cloud infrastructure that ensures enterprise users are getting the performance that they need without the risk of unexpected downtimes. It also enables organizations to easily upgrade or downgrade the solution to meet changing requirements.


Web & Mobile

Our software solutions enable users to manage and provide updates on all of their tasks directly from the mobile app – maximizing productivity. Managers can also access dashboards and reports through the corresponding web solution – helping them stay on top of important tasks at all times.


Empower your business growth with CloudApper AI, designed to scale effortlessly with your evolving needs. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our platform’s adaptive capabilities ensure optimal performance, robustness, and enhanced user experience, allowing you to meet the rising demands with
agility and ease.


CloudApper comes with administrative controls that manage permissions for each user to access information and perform certain tasks, reducing insider threats. Data is transmitted over an SSL connection and is encrypted at rest and in the database. The platform also supports SSO integration and support
for 2FA protocols.

Customer Testimonials

“CloudApper saved many lives by rapidly delivering a contact tracing app for COVID-19 in the Eastern Cape,
South Africa.”

Dr. Darelle Van Greunen

Director of the centre for community technologies

“CloudApper is an amazing platform. Apps like RightPunch help our customers to significantly
reduce costs.”

Jerry Nepon-Sixt

Partner alliance manager

“The CloudApper mobile app
helps us seamlessly interface
with our enterprise
HCM system.”

Stefanie Swalgen

VP of human resources


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