Patient identity Management Application
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Stop Losing Millions in Denied Claims Resulting from
Patient Misidentification with

Patient identification and EMR data management application

Correctly Identify patients and retrieve their medical record from EMR/EHR
to provide correct treatment and increase patient safety.

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86% of Providers Are Aware of a Medical Error Due to Patient Misidentification

EMR link help healthcare professionals to accurately identify patients and retrieve data efficiently from the EHR/EMR system to improve quality of care.


Retrieve data conveniently

No more complexity with the EMR system, EMR link seamlessly integrates with the EMR system & provides the easiest way to retrieve data from the system.


No more information burnout

Get rid of the age-old problem of information burn out with the EMR system & access your required information using the interactive search bar.

Access data on the go

EMR link comes with Web and Native Mobile Apps (Android and iOS), which allows you to add, edit or remove patient data on the go.

Applications of EMR Link

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Features of EMR Link

Seamless integration with EMR

The app can be integrated seamlessly with all the major EMR solutions including Epic, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts to log and retrieves patient data.

Remote access

The system allows a user to access all the patient’s demographics and medical information from anywhere with the help of a smartphone or PC.

Interactive search box

Easy to use EMR Link enables a user to search specific patient’s information from an interactive search box.

Patient profile management

The application allows user to check patient profile by a simple search to review their health records.

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Analytics dashboard

Get valuable insights on patient medical records with an advanced analytics dashboard that improves healthcare outcomes and supports quick and informed decision-making.

Biometric technology

Accurately identify patient with a scalable biometric matching system. EMR Link can utilize multiple biometric modalities like; fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial recognition.

Detailed reporting

Build robust reports on patient demographic information, site wise patient status, the total number of patient and many other data elements to ensure high levels of transparency and solid control over electronic medical records.

Web & mobile app

Web & Native Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) allows the user to add, monitor, edit or remove the patient data for proper management.

Highly customizable

Fully customize EMR Link with a drag-and-drop design editor. Anyone can configure the application to meet specific requirements without any coding required.

Cloud architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. EMR Link is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment while removing the headaches associated with maintaining them.

Process automation

Specifying a series of conditions and actions can automate internal processes, is customizable to the complexities of the organization’s needs and easy to set up and execute.

Why Choose EMR Link?

Remote access

With EMR Link the user can get fast 24/7 access to information using mobile devices and web browsers.

Save time

Get all the patient electronic medical records in one single platform and manage them more efficiently and effectively than before.

Enhanced clinical reporting

Using the system a user can access data effortlessly which ensures faster and enhanced clinical reporting.

Reduce paper work

No more hassle and time-consuming paper-work. The application reduces your paperwork and makes patient identification fast and efficient.

Better healthcare outcome

The system enables the physician to be more focus on providing care to the patient which ensures better healthcare outcomes.
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