Affordable & Easily Customizable
Time Capture Software

UKG Central™, UKG Ready™, UKG Dimensions™ & UKG Pro™

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Affordable & Easily Customizable
Time Capture Software

UKG Central™, UKG Ready™, UKG Dimensions™ & UKG Pro™

Touchless Time Capture Software for UKG

RightPunch™ is the most affordable and customizable UKG time capture solution that runs on off-the-shelf (OTS) iOS or Android devices. Employees scan a QR code or NFC tag, or take their picture and identify with our face matching system, to submit punches. RightPunch integrates directly with all UKG solutions to provide a versatile time capture experience!

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Easily Customize RightPunch to Meet Unique Customer Requirements

RightPunch is a versatile solution that can be quickly personalized for customers to meet their diverse time and data capture needs. For example, customers using RightPunch can:

  • Verify employees with biometrics, QR code/barcode or NFC
  • Capture important job transfer and pay code details
  • Enable attestation to comply with employment and labor laws
  • Create custom data capture forms & reports

Why do people love CloudApper RightPunch?


Key facts:

  • Works with UKG central, dimensions, ready & pro
  • The industry's most accurate face biometrics system
  • Highly customizable to meet diverse requirements
  • Simple and quick deployment process
  • Offline data capture support

Features of RightPunch™
for UKG/Kronos


SaaS model

The most affordable and versatile time capture solution for UKG. 


Seamless integration

Seamless integration with UKG Dimensions™, UKG Ready™, UKG Pro™, and UKG Central™.


Touchless identification

Employees scan a QR code or NFC tag and take their picture or just take their picture and identify with our face matching system.


Attestation & transfers

Captures attestation and labor transfer data during punches.

Using face biometrics with RightPunch kiosk mode

RightPunch enables organizations to set up kiosks using iOS or Android tablets for employee punches. Once RightPunch is configured for a customer’s UKG environment and kiosk mode is enabled, employees simply take a picture using the tablet. RightPunch identifies employees using the industry’s most accurate face matching system, ensuring a touchless experience and preventing buddy punches.


Employee arrives at the workplace

Employee looks at the tablet
with RightPunch enabled
RightPunch runs a search
using face biometrics
Punch data is recorded in time
card after face matching

Use RightPunch on a
Low-cost Android or iOS Tablet

Choose From Various Configuration Options:

Option 1: Barcode/QR code


Option 2: Face biometrics


Why Invest in RightPunch™?


Low-cost face biometrics alternative to the traditional time clock.


Utilize non-proprietary hardware such as Android tablets and iPads. Easily customize for your exact time capture needs.

Easy Deployment

Be up and running in a matter of hours.

Save Money

Prevent “buddy punching” with photo capture or face biometrics.


Protect your business and employees with a hygienic solution utilizing face matching.

App Platform

Leverage other apps through the CloudApper platform to improve your business operations.

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Say Goodbye
To Software-Related Headaches

and focus on your core business operations instead.