Approved by Honeywell for Use on Their Android Devices

CloudApper Apps can be used with Honeywell Mobile Computers to send real-time information to workers. The highly customizable No-Code platform allows administrators and other users to use their devices exactly as they intend to. CloudApper lets you store, share and access the data you’ve just captured at any time and from anywhere.

Honeywell Mobile Computers Designed for Future-Proof Operations

Using mobile devices in everyday business gives enterprises a competitive edge by enabling faster and more collaborative communications. Honeywell mobile computing devices let you stay ahead of the curve, increase staff productivity and minimize the total cost of ownership. Honeywell’s mobile computers are designed to help workers improve their workflows, increase communications, and be more efficient and productive.

How CloudApper Adds Value
to Your Honeywell Mobile Computers?

Honeywell mobile computers are made to use in various industries. Whether yours is a small business or an enterprise, that combination makes Honeywell handheld computers easy to deploy and use. CloudApper apps are fully compatible with all Honeywell devices. CloudApper helps industries to use enterprise apps easily on their Honeywell devices.


Increase your ROI

Increase your company ROI by providing the best application for Honeywell devices. CloudApper apps make it easy for users to understand the app and boost their efficiency.


Be more efficient

CloudApper Apps with Honeywell mobile and scanning devices help fast ID verification, inventory management, and data collection that ensure better efficiency and data safety.


Personalize your workflow

With CloudApper Apps you can easily personalize the business workflow and assign technicians in a specific job. Managers can easily create a task from the app dashboard.

Supported Honeywell Devices


TC5X Series Mobile


MC33XX Series Mobile


EC50 and EC55


MC2200 and MC2700


TC21 and TC26 Mobile


EC30 Enterprise Companion

CloudApper has partnered with best-in-class smart data collection device manufacturers
who specialize in enterprise solutions to improve the quality of your data.

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CloudApper Is Available

At Only $10/User/Month for Unlimited Apps!

No Credit Card Required!

Solutions CloudApper Can Provide

For Honeywell Mobiles

With CloudApper, you can easily make customized apps and workflows that connect employees
to enterprise data so they can quickly act on it from Honeywell devices.


Task management

CloudApper task Management enterprise application offers advanced data collecting and analytics, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your mobile workforce while maintaining process compliance.


Hospital rounding

CloudApper Rounding is an intuitive, simple, and versatile app that empowers Honeywell devices. With CloudApper, It’s time to say goodbye to pen and paper rounding and save your hospital time, money, and stress. Rounding can also integrate with your EHR/EMR.


Field sales force

Managers can examine a sales rep’s check-in data in real-time using geo-fencing to avoid reporting inconsistencies with Honeywell mobile devices. Supervisors can plan the schedule of field sales reps according to their business needs.


Asset tracking

Honeywell Mobiles, in partnership with CloudApper, helps you to improve accountability and cut costs, and keep track of every asset. You can always know where your goods are and who is handling them with the CloudApper Assets app.


Fleet management

Honeywell Mobiles enables organizations to automate vehicle maintenance, accident risk reduction, and operator usage, as well as implement telematics and GPS tracking systems.


Maintenance management

The CloudApper CMMS application provides maintenance schedules for your important equipment, as well as robust reporting, analytics, reminders, and task management tools, reducing the odds of an unwelcome breakdown or downtime.

Do You Have an NFC Mobile app idea?

Advantages of Using CloudApper with Honeywell

More Control

Developing an app from the ground up is a great approach to personalize it completely. No–Code Platform apps can be produced quickly and easily with a small team. Within the solution’s borders, you have complete control over how it appears and performs.


Easy Integration

CloudApper-built applications can be easily integrated with any legacy application. The CloudApper environment can integrate with legacy and other enterprise systems, allowing users to access and act on data in order to work smarter.

Easy to Get Started

It’s so easy to use that even non-programmers can make apps. Because they are self-explanatory, they take less time to learn. CloudApper provides tutorials and on-demand training for users who need further assistance.


Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

The market of mobile-based NFC applications is expected to rise from
18.0 billion USD in 2020-21 to 34.9 billion USD by 2025-26. Don’t miss the opportunity - easily build your apps now!

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