We AI-fy HR Systems

Transform your HR/HCM systems with our AI-powered solutions. From recruiting and supporting to retaining frontline employees, we revolutionize traditional HR processes with artifical intelligence. Unleash the power of automation to elevate employee satisfaction and redefine your company culture. Experience the future of HR – where tasks are not just managed but made truly remarkable!

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Technology Innovator Award


Streamline HR Operations Easily With CloudApper AI

Streamline HR Operations Easily With CloudApper AI

Streamline HR Operations Easily With CloudApper AI

Optimize Employee Time Management

CloudApper AI empowers employees with its time clock solution that works with any iOS or Android tablet for employee time management, self-service, and more – creating a versatile solution for optimizing workforce management.

Provide 24/7 HR Support To All Employees

AI-Powered HR Service Delivery Solution

Optimize Employee Time Management

Provide 24/7 HR Support To All Employees

Our AI-powered HR assistant, hrGPT, serves as a 24/7 AI analyst for HR tasks and inquiries. With hrGPT, organizations can easily streamline processes, boost employee engagement, and empower HR teams to provide 24/7 HR support.

AI-Powered HR Service Delivery Solution

Optimize Employee Time Management

Provide 24/7 HR Support To All Employees

AI-Powered HR Service Delivery Solution

CloudApper AI’s robust HR service delivery solution is designed to support frontline employees, reduce HR stress, boost productivity, reduce compliance issues, and improve the employee experience - it works with any Android tablet or iPad.

Streamline HR Operations Easily With CloudApper AI

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Transform HR Processes
With Conversational AI


Automate HR Tasks

Ensure immaculate HR service delivery with AI-powered time capture, HR support, custom data capture, ESS, compliance management, and more.

Employee Engagement

Streamline HR tasks, process employee requests, and answer employee inquiries round-the-clock to improve employee engagement.

Compliance Management

Provide crucial HR updates to employees and ensure compliance with labor laws to reduce legal risks and penalties.

Tap Into The Power Of Conversation AI

CloudApper’s Conversational
AI Assistant - hrGPT

CloudApper is the ideal AI platform to automate every HR operation. Our conversational AI assistant – hrGPT – is your 24/7 AI analyst for HR tasks, requests, and inquiries, rescuing overworked HR teams so they can prioritize high-impact tasks. With CloudApper, you can easily implement AI for any HR/HCM use case to reduce bottlenecks and open massive value.
Address recurring HR questions efficiently, 24/7
Instantly answer benefits & comp questions
Gather applicant data via text conversations
Empower employees with self-service facilities
Engage employees with surveys for feedback
Provide compliance advice as per labor laws
Conversational-AI-Assistant Address recurring HR queries efficiently 24/7
Instantly answer benefits
& comp questions
Gather applicant data via
text conversations
Empower employees with
self-service facilities
Engage employees with surveys for feedback
Provide compliance advice
as per labor laws

Automate your HR
Operations with AI

CloudApper AI revolutionizes your HR operations with a user-friendly and conversational AI assistant – hrGPT. Say goodbye to tedious manual work and automate tasks, respond to queries, and ensure efficiency across your HR processes.

A Single, Holistic AI Solution

CloudApper hrGPT is more than just a tool; it’s your comprehensive solution for HR/HCM enhancement. No more juggling multiple AI applications or struggling with fragmented systems. With the CloudApper AI platform, you get an all-in-one platform that streamlines your HR.

Easy Adoption of AI for HCM

We understand that adopting AI can be daunting, but CloudApper AI makes it easy. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design ensures that anyone in your HR department can harness the power of AI without the need for extensive training.

Agnostic Platform for
Long-Term Risk Protection

CloudApper AI is designed to protect your organization’s long-term interests. Our platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing HCM solutions, including UKG, ADP, Oracle HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Ceridian Dayforce, Paycom, BambooHR, PeopleSoft, and more.

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How CloudApper ​hrGPT Can Transform HR Operations

CloudApper hrGPT is a versatile AI solution designed to streamline HR processes and enhance the HR experience for both employees and HR professionals. Here are some key use cases of CloudApper hrGPT:

Employee Onboarding
and Offboarding
Simplify onboarding and automate exit interviews.
Policy and Procedure Queries
Provide instant answers to
HR-related queries.
Compliance Management
Ensure HR policy compliance and offer guidance
Streamline job application and candidate screening process.
Training and Development
Recommend personalized
training programs.
Benefits and Compensation
Answer benefit and compensation questions.
Boost productivity by
reducing HR queries.
Attendance and
Leave Management
Manage attendance, leaves, and requests efficiently.
Employee Engagement
and Feedback
Collect feedback and
identify trends.
Career Development
Assist employees in exploring career opportunities.
Mental Health and
Provide resources for
mental well-being.
Diversity and
Identify and address
workplace biases.

Explore the Future of HR with CloudApper hrGPT!

Why Choose
CloudApper hrGPT?

Enhanced Efficiency
and Productivity:

CloudApper AI seamlessly integrates all your HR functions, from talent acquisition and onboarding to performance management and compliance. This unified approach boosts efficiency, reduces errors, and maximizes productivity across your organization.

Quick Implementation and ROI:

With CloudApper AI, there’s no lengthy implementation process. You can start reaping the benefits of AI-enhanced HR functionalities almost immediately. Say hello to faster ROI and a more agile HR team.

Future-Proof Your HCM Strategy:

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, it’s essential to future-proof your HCM strategy. CloudApper AI provides you with the flexibility to adapt and grow, regardless of the HR/HCM solutions you use. You’re in control of your HR journey.

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