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Affordable asset management software to manage the process of acquiring, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets.
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What is

CloudApper Assets?

CloudApper Assets is a highly customizable app that helps enterprises manage organizational assets and optimize operational costs.

Increase Asset app Lifetime

Increase asset lifetime

CloudApper Assets app extends the lifetime of your company's assets and slows down the depreciation rate through the careful monitoring of key variables such as usage and service history. This ensures optimal use of your company’s assets.

Keep Track of Every

Keep track of every asset

Keep track of every asset to increase accountability and reduce costs. With CloudApper Assets app, you always know where your items are and who is handling them.

Eliminate Paperwork save time

Eliminate paperwork

Save time and eliminate paperwork with the ability to manage assets right from a phone. Avoid the burden of spreadsheets with a modern solution to asset management.

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Fully Customizable

To Meet Your Needs!

Instantly customize the CloudApper asset management software (EAM) without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!


Editable app templates


No coding skills required


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Take Your

Asset Management Mobile

CloudApper Assets app gives you the freedom to manage your equipment from anywhere. View dashboards, access data, and perform all of your asset management tasks from any Android or iOS device.

Features of

CloudApper Assets

Asset Particulars Asset Data

Record and store asset data such as category, brand name, model, serial number, specifications, warranty status, vendor details, etc. to better understand performance, capabilities, and upgrade requirements.

Assets Particulars
User Tracking

User Tracking User Tracking

Increase accountability and asset lifetime by tracking which users are handling assets and monitoring status levels. 

Service History Tracking Service History Tracking

CloudApper Assets app provides detailed asset history, including general trends of usage, repair, service quality, productivity level, breakdown frequencies, and lifespans.

Service History Tracking
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Asset allocation

Easily allocate your assets to authorized users based on eligibility and criteria or inventory levels.

Asset Allocation
Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard

Access deep insights that decision-makers can use to improve operational performance.

Robust reporting

Generate custom reports on asset allocation, lifetime, reusables, and utilization based on time span, budget, or expense.

Robust Reporting
Email Notification

Email notification

Assets sends automatic email notifications to users based on configurable trigger events.

Web & mobile app

Access all asset data and perform tasks through the mobile or web app for maximized productivity.

Web & Mobile App
Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure and overhead costs with a scalable, cloud-based asset management solution.

Secure access

Utilize built-in administrative controls for managing permissions to access information and perform certain tasks.

Secure Access
Highly Customizable

Highly customizable

Easily customize CloudApper Assets app using the innovative CloudApper drag-and-drop design editor.

Why Waste Your Time and Money?

Go Paperless

Modernize Your Asset Contract Management

CloudApper Assets app enables companies to keep track of service contracts, asset purchase agreements, and contract renewals. All contract information is stored in a centralized system for easy, efficient access from a phone or web browser.

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How Does

CloudApper Assets Work?

Assets Work

Who Can

Use CloudApper Assets?


Auditing assets can be a time consuming and stressful task to complete in any corporate office. CloudApper Assets app streamlines the process by verifying where equipment is located, its condition, and complete details on usage history.


Inventory levels must be properly maintained in a manufacturing plant to ensure smooth operations. CloudApper Assets app helps to manage critical materials and tools while automating notifications to prevent unwanted production issues.


Power plants rely on accurate information across all areas of operations. CloudApper Assets app provides a system to collect accurate information on the usage history and stock levels of equipment and supplies to reduce the threat of downtime.


No matter where you are in the supply chain, proper asset management can make agricultural businesses more productive. From reducing audit times to eliminating errors from spreadsheet reliance, CloudApper Assets app improves efficiency and results.

Hospitals and
health care

When patient lives are at stake, healthcare providers cannot afford to have issues in managing their assets. CloudApper Assets app enables them to maintain accurate inventory levels to mitigate shortages, theft, and business risk.


Proper asset management can be a key factor in schools avoiding losses from excess inventory or capital depreciation. Improve resource allocation by using CloudApper Assets app to monitor usage, inventory levels, and service requests.

Can't Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

Why Choose

CloudApper Assets?

Why Choose Assets
  • Efficiency

    CloudApper asset management software helps to manage and distribute all enterprise assets from a mobile device. This reduces manpower and increases operational efficiency.

  • Affordability

    Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model makes Assets affordable for any company and includes access to many other apps!

  • Accountability

    Users can check items in and out through the Asset Manager barcode/QR code feature. Real-time visibility into user activity improves accountability.

  • Cost reduction

    By keeping track of asset levels and usage, customers can reduce costs associated with asset theft, overstocking, and inadequate inventory.

  • Return on investment

    Manual methods to track assets are costly, prone to error, and inefficient. CloudApper Assets app provides a strong ROI by providing a highly affordable way to modernize asset management, digitize data, and enable mobility.

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