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In 2017, agriculture contributed $1.053 trillion to U.S. GDP. If agriculture were a country, it would have the 16th largest economy. Despite harsh weather, the loss of a third of the world’s arable land, and tariff wars, agriculture is profiting from cutting-edge technologies like asset management software. Using CloudApper Assets, employees are able to view any asset’s location, condition, purchase information, depreciation, and more. CloudApper Assets helps managers undertake fixed asset audits and determine when to purchase new equipment.

Track Vital Information

About Your Agriculture Assets

You won’t have time to search for lost, damaged, or unused farming equipment or assets if you’re running a farming operation or any other type of agriculture business. For your assets to be available for use whenever you need them, you must keep track of your farming equipment and know when to execute inspections. With our farming asset management app, you’ll have total control over all agricultural equipment, lowering loss and theft risks while increasing uptime and efficiency.

Tracking the Produced Crops and Livestock

Using our asset management software, farmers may keep track of the crops that have been harvested, where they are located in various storage facilities, and how they are arranged and distributed. Thus, the product can be distributed while still being as fresh as possible. Farmers can also track and keep an eye on their livestock with the use of agricultural asset management.

Report and Log Your Crop Status

The analysis of various aspects, such as farm budgets, seed types, and other variables, is made easier for farmers with the use of agricultural asset management. A risk analysis based on the produce can also be calculated by farmers. All of these factors work together to assist farmers in planning their farming and agricultural activities in a way that maximizes earnings and increases production.

Avoid Investing in Duplicate Assets

With real-time updates for asset tracking, you will know where your asset has been at all times, from the time you bought it to the time you sold it. By doing this, you can make sure to keep downtime to a minimum, and get detailed data that will help you decide what to buy next time.

CloudApper Assets Is A Highly Customizable Software That Helps You To Get Rid Of Spreadsheets And Switch To A Centralized Platform That Everyone In Your Company Can Access Without Any Hassle.

Create A System That Works For You

It’s not necessary that everyone will have the same assets for their organization. That’s why one-size-fits-all management systems don’t work. With CloudApper Assets, you can customize asset fields and add unlimited users who have different levels of access depending on their job.


Stay In Control Of Your Assets

You’re liable to make mistakes if you use paper and pen to keep track of all of your agricultural assets, including tractors, farming machinery, and more. This will inevitably result in greater downtime. You or your field employees will be able to use our app to report damages or repairs while on the go, attach notes, log the GPS positions of each asset, and upload pictures.

Easy Access Of Farm Data

Keep track of all the data relating to your agriculture farm in a single location, and ensure that it can be accessed at any time, from any location, and using any device. Forget about accessing data manually by implementing CloudApper Assets to automate the process of data accessibility.

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Track Everything From Produced Crops To Farming Machinery With Our Affordable Asset Management Software

Key Features Of

Asset Management Software


Asset Data

Record and store asset data such as category, serial number, specifications, etc. to better understand performance, capabilities, and upgrade requirements.


User Tracking

Increase accountability and asset lifetime by tracking which users are handling assets and monitoring status levels.


Service History Tracking

CloudApper Assets app provides detailed asset history, including general trends of usage, repair, service quality, productivity level, breakdown frequencies, and lifespans.


Robust Reporting

Generate custom reports on asset allocation, lifetime, reusables, and utilization based on time span, budget, or expense.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure and overhead costs with a scalable, cloud-based asset management solution.


Highly Customizable

Easily customize CloudApper Assets app using the innovative CloudApper drag-and-drop design editor.

Who Can

Use CloudApper Assets?


Auditing assets can be a time consuming and stressful task to complete in any corporate office. CloudApper Assets app streamlines the process by verifying where equipment is located, its condition, and complete details on usage history.


Inventory levels must be properly maintained in a manufacturing plant to ensure smooth operations. CloudApper Assets app helps to manage critical materials and tools while automating notifications to prevent unwanted production issues.


Power plants rely on accurate information across all areas of operations. CloudApper Assets app provides a system to collect accurate information on the usage history and stock levels of equipment and supplies to reduce the threat of downtime.


No matter where you are in the supply chain, proper asset management can make agricultural businesses more productive. From reducing audit times to eliminating errors from spreadsheet reliance, CloudApper Assets app improves efficiency and results.

Hospitals and
Health Care

When patient lives are at stake, healthcare providers cannot afford to have issues in managing their assets. CloudApper Assets app enables them to maintain accurate inventory levels to mitigate shortages, theft, and business risk.


Proper asset management can be a key factor in schools avoiding losses from excess inventory or capital depreciation. Improve resource allocation by using CloudApper Assets app to monitor usage, inventory levels, and service requests.

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