CloudApper Empowers Hytera Devices with Easily Customized Applications

CloudApper is a no-code app development platform that allows anyone to easily create custom mobile applications and connect employees to company data so they can act quickly from Hytera devices. Zero coding knowledge required – simply drag, drop, and publish.

Streamline Your Business Operations with Hytera and CloudApper

Employees in industries such as government, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing need reliable mobile devices and secure telecommunications networks to and optimize productivity. Hytera delivers on this with an end-to-end LTE solution that dynamically assigns resources to maximize channel capacity. With the addition of CloudApper, users can also utilize custom apps and workflows on their Hytera devices to capture, access & act on enterprise data in real time.

Extend the Usability of Hytera Devices

Hytera devices are designed for use across a wide variety of industries. Combined with the equally versatile CloudApper platform, businesses and government agencies can increase their device ROI with easily customizable apps to help users work more efficiently.


Automate workflows

CloudApper includes a robust workflow engine to automate processes within apps. Workflows can be easily built through a web-based design editor.


Improve efficiency

Employees can utilize custom apps for asset tracking, maintenance, field service, rounding, time tracking, and everything in between to boost productivity.


Real-time insights

Create custom analytics dashboards and comprehensive reports with our powerful engine. Data is instantly available to help users improve operations.

Supported Hytera Devices















CloudApper has partnered with best-in-class smart data collection device manufacturers that specialize in enterprise solutions to improve voice and data connectivity.

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CloudApper Is Available

At Only $10/User/Month for Unlimited Apps!

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Check Out Some Top Apps in Our Marketplace:


Field sales force

Using geo-logging, managers can monitor sales rep check-in activities and share data in real-time to optimize productivity and customer satisfaction.


Asset tracking

Scan barcodes, QR codes, or NFC tags from a Hytera device and track asset movements and utilization to increase your bottom line. 


Maintenance management

Our CMMS app delivers maintenance schedules, reporting, analytics, reminders, and job management tools to reduce equipment downtime.


Fleet management

Automate vehicle maintenance, log inspections, reduce accident risk, track operator usage, and integrate with telematics and GPS systems.


Hospital rounding

Empower healthcare staff to capture and analyze patient and employee feedback using custom questionnaires to boost satisfaction scores.


Facility management

Manage facility assets, maintenance activities, emergency plans and more to improve operations and prevent unnecessary risks.

Why Choose CloudApper?

App Marketplace

Subscribers can access numerous pre-built applications through the CloudApper Marketplace. These are instantly customizable and deployable to Hytera devices. Apps are developed using our no-code platform by our globally-distributed community of development experts.


Seamless Integration

CloudApper is a modern, cloud-friendly platform that was built with the latest technologies. Its superior design enables apps to easily integrate with legacy and third-party enterprise systems to open data access for users and enable them to act on it in real-time from Hytera devices.

Easy to Get Started

It’s so easy to use that even non-programmers can make apps.  CloudApper provides tutorials and on-demand training for users who need further assistance. Our expert team can also provide dedicated services to assist with app customization and integrations. We are always on standby to eliminate your headaches. 


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