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Helping frontline clinical teams battle the COVID-19 emergency


What is CliniGuard?

CliniGuard is a robust web and mobile app to enhance the readiness of healthcare facilities that need to keep pace with the challenges of the outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “In an outbreak, a pandemic, or any other emergency or disaster, clinicians and hospital administrators need to ensure the initiation of relevant generic priority action.” The CliniGuard app provides a compact system to help frontline teams perform their tasks efficiently during this critical emergency period.


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Communicate Efficiently

Generating the best outcomes in the face of this pandemic requires fast response times. Using CliniGuard, users can document and easily share best practices, including short video clips. This reduces communication delays and ensures higher levels of patient safety during critical times of outbreak relief efforts.

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Mitigate Risk

Healthcare providers are used to operating in an environment of heavy regulation where patient and employee health are top priorities. Now, more than ever, environmental, health, and safety initiatives must be elevated. With CliniGuard, staff members can easily document incidents from a mobile device and coordinate resources to take quick corrective action.

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Ensure Safety

Enacting and following policies to address the exponential spread of pandemic diseases like COVID-19 introduces additional risks well beyond those in a normal healthcare environment. CliniGuard ensures safety for employees and patients by providing stage-based action checklists and a diverse knowledge base to keep employees focused and informed.

Features of CliniGuard

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Efficient and Reliable Documentation

CliniGuard ensures easy access to reliable and important information. Users can access a centralized, comprehensive knowledge base on subjects such as hand hygiene and PPE sequencing from trusted sources such as the CDC and WHO. Employees can also post information including short videos to easily share best practices.


Instant Incident Reporting

Enable users to immediately report incidents from a smartphone or tablet. Collect information including photos and videos on observations, near misses, and accidents, instantly notify key contacts, and take prompt action to minimize risk.


Audit and Risk Assessment

Easily create internal audits and risk assessments, enabling healthcare professionals to identify and resolve non-compliance issues or gaps between plans and actions before they can escalate.

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Digital Checklist

CliniGuard provides clinical and emergency checklists to ensure the proper procedures are being followed by healthcare staff members. Users can also create their own checklists or easily modify existing ones.


Web & Mobile App

Access CliniGuard from a web browser or Android and iOS devices to maximize efficiency and responsiveness.


Cloud Architecture

CliniGuard is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment while removing the headaches associated with maintaining them.

CliniGuard App Modules

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Why Choose CliniGuard?

Rapid Deployment

CliniGuard is the first app for improving training, performance, and safety during this critical emergency period. Created by our team with over 10 years of healthcare experience, healthcare providers can start using the app in hours.

Increase Efficiency

CliniGuard digitizes all processes and procedures, automates communication, and ensures compliance to ensure efficient performance and effective action during the pandemic.

Ensure Safety

CliniGuard ensures the safety of healthcare facility staff members and patients while helping to flatten the curve of new infections.

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