Non-Profit & Fundraising Field Sales Team Management

Non-profit and fundraising organizations with a field salesforce can utilize CloudApper SalesQ to improve the donation gathering process. SalesQ allows you to precisely monitor the activities of field sales reps responsible for fundraising by having the app installed on their phones. Assign leads, manage and distribute tasks, track client visits, and share strategic directions – it’s like having an eye on the field at all times.

Confirm Nonprofit Sales Agents Visits

SalesQ confirms that your nonprofit sales representatives are making client, office, and territory visits, by allowing them to check-in from assigned locations only, thanks to Geo-fencing technology. This increases accountability and raises productivity.

Track Fundraising Sales Reps Activities

SalesQ consolidates important data like visit details, client feedback, the status of visits, and field & client visit logs from your fundraising sales agents. These data can then be analyzed to understand how to raise more donations.

Improve Your Fundraising Team’s Performance

SalesQ helps you optimize the performance of your nonprofit field sales teams by analyzing their activities. You can share strategic guidelines, marketing collaterals and donation targets instantly with the team to maximize ad revenue.

CloudApper’s SalesQ is a highly customizable app that can help manage donation collection activities for non-profit and fundraising organizations, provide real-time insights, and requires zero training to get started.

Increase Accountability

Take advantage of SalesQ’s Geo-fencing feature and access task logs to make sure nonprofit sales representatives are visiting the right places at the right time, so collection opportunities and donor visits are not missed.


Share Strategic Guidance

Fundraising sales representatives work remotely and are managed from a central office. SalesQ allows managers to share strategic insight with the whole team through their phones at any time to increase the amount of funds generated.

Go Paperless

Nonprofit sales representatives can send data from their mobile phones using SalesQ so the whole team can access it from anywhere, at any time. This removes the hassle of going through paperwork, and improves the mobility of sales reps.


Communicate Benefits

Donors need to know the perks and impacts of their donations and where their money is going. Allow sales reps to share detailed information from their phone about how the donors are going to benefit and how their donation will change others’ lives.

Increase Donation Collections

Manage the performance of your non-profit sales reps by tracking tasks and the size of donations collected to ensure that you reach your donation collection objectives. Identify top donors and reach out more often for better results.

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Take control of your fundraising sales force and pipeline management process with ease to raise more funds with CloudApper SalesQ.

Features of

Fundraising & Nonprofit
Field Sales Representative Monitoring Software


Salesforce Management

Manage your field sales reps from the SalesQ field sales monitoring app by geographic location, tasks, customers, and/or sales trends to achieve the best possible results.


Customer Management

Enable sales reps to quickly access important account information while in the field. Supervisors can also plan the schedule of field sales reps according to their business needs.


Sales Visit History

SalesQ enables decision-makers to track the sales visit history of their sales reps. This field sales tracking app encourages reps to increase sales visits and maximize their daily effort.


Task Management

Never let any task be overlooked. SalesQ provides an integrated task management system that notifies users about action items and tracks the progress being made.


Sales Order History

Sales trends can have a big impact on business decisions. Using this module, supervisors can easily analyze trends and distribute tasks accordingly to their teams.


Robust Reporting

Build robust reports on sales rep movements, sales orders, sales visits, market feedback, and many other data elements to ensure maximum sales area coverage.


Product Management

When meeting with a prospect or customer, timely information can make or break a sale. This module provides users with instant access to critical product info and updates.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. SalesQ app is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investment.

Who Else Can

Use CloudApper SalesQ?


Keeping track of financial legislations and market dynamics can often be a full time job. SalesQ enables financial service providers to operate efficiently and manage client data easily through SalesQ.


Construction materials sales require extensive documentation and management. SalesQ for construction and building materials sales agents can help you stay on top of deliveries and increase revenue

Retail Industry/
Consumer Products

Retail can be an extremely competitive sector. SalesQ helps companies to conduct competitor analysis based on data collected in the field, enabling sales agents to make smarter decisions.


Communication requires access to information. SalesQ encourages synergy through an easy-to-use mobile platform that can be easily accessed through an agent’s mobile device.

IT &
Software Industry

Optimize your IT & software sales reps activities as well as monitor their field visits, collect client requirements & feedback. Analyze this information to improve product, user experience & better match customers expectation, which will lead you to achieve better B2B customer growth & retention for SaaS.


Monitor the activities of your stationery sales reps to ensure they are visiting stores and offices and making deliveries to increase your revenue. Gain insights into stationery sales operations


Create, modify, assign, approve and disapprove pharmaceutical sales visit plans and deviations of the medical representatives team on the go with SalesQ. Add visits to doctors and pharmacies, modify the changed location of doctors, give commands to the medical field force in real time & more.


Transform field sales with the all-in-one FMCG sales force management app and take control of your sales operations to drive better results and faster growth. Gain insights that can help you benchmark your performance against competitors and make adjustments to increase your shelf space and market share.

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Increase your Fundraising operations efficiency by monitoring your Fundraising & Nonprofit sales representatives’ activities and analyze reports with SalesQ.

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