CloudApper Fleet Integration with Wialon GPS Tracking and IoT Solution

CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon enables companies to manage and track their fleet in real-time through CloudApper’s mobile platform, and Wialon’s accurate GPS tracking and IoT platform.

Integration Benefits

The application is operable on mobile devices

The application is operable on mobile devices.

Real-time GPS monitoring for locating every vehicle

Real-time GPS monitoring for locating every vehicle.

A simpler way of collecting vehicle information

A simpler way of collecting vehicle information.

How Do

Fleet and Wialon work?

Previously, companies had to solely rely on information from their drivers to assist with their fleet management.This meant that fleet management information was not as accurate as it could be.

With Wialon’s GPS tracking and IoT system, companies can now install sensors into their vehicles to monitor the vehicle’s data such as itslocation, performance, and fuel consumption rate. By integrating Wialon with CloudApper Fleet, the information received through Wialon’s sensors is made more accessible through CloudApper Fleet’s mobile application.

Wialon’s GPS tracking and IoT systems track details such as their real-time location, fuel consumption levels, drivers’ behavior, and fleet maintenance.
Salesforce Management
Wialon GPS tracking and IoT systems track details
CloudApper Fleet and is accessible through the fleet mobile or web dashboard
The information is then transferred through to CloudApper Fleet and is accessible through the fleet mobile or web dashboard.
Salesforce Management
Companies can use this information to generate reports and take preventive actions, conduct maintenance, or assist the driver.
Companies can use this information to generate reports and take preventive actions

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Features of

CloudApper Fleet

Analytics Dashboard Analytics Dashboard

Get valuable insight into vehicle movement and usage patterns with an advanced analytics dashboard by sorting data into visually accessible, relevant information that supports timely and informed decision-making.
Analytics Dashboard
Task Management

Task Management Task Management

Assign, manage, and track fleet management tasks like product delivery and employee transportation with our fleet management software. This system also provides task alerts ensuring that you don’t miss any scheduled tasks.

Remote Inspection Remote Inspection

Perform remote inspections from anywhere, at any time you want. With the CloudApper Fleet management software, drivers can log vehicle status, traffic updates, route changes, accidents, and natural disaster alerts effectively and efficiently.
Remote Inspection
Location Tracking

Location Tracking Location Tracking

Know your vehicle’s check-in data in real-time. CloudApper Fleet comes with an automated geo-fencing feature that enables managers to easily view all the geographical checkpoints the vehicles have gone through.
Driver ID Management

CloudApper Fleet app helps you maintain a detailed record of driver demographic information, including photos, driving logs, and license information in a centralized system to ensure that nothing is lost.

Driver’s ID Management
Cloud Architecture
Cloud Architecture

Save money on building and maintaining IT infrastructure. CloudApper Fleet app is a cloud-friendly solution that reduces your IT resources and hardware investments.

Web & Mobile App

Allow users to upload, verify, and lookup driver information, work orders, operations data, images, and relevant documents through web and mobile applications (Android & iOS).

Web & Mobile App
Vehicle Scheduling
Vehicle Scheduling

Manage vehicle maintenance and repair schedules with just a few clicks. With CloudApper Fleet you can also check and manage driver trips and assign their shifts.

Email Notification

CloudApper Fleet app sends automatic email notifications to users about vehicle update, increasing operational efficiency and freeing time for other value-added activities.

Email Notification
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting

Reporting modules on fleet operations show drivers activity reports, maintenance logs, future schedules, and visual charts for vehicle locations to improve productivity, accuracy, and timeliness.

Why waste your time and money?

CloudApper Fleet

Why integrate with Wialon?

Access real-time vehicle location

Tracking your company’s fleet in real time is crucial for ensuring safety, predicting delivery timelines, and co-ordinating between different vehicles. The integration of CloudApper Fleet with Wialon shows the live vehicle location on the dashboard map.

Sales Order History
Robust Reporting
Optimize vehicle lifecycle

Accurate odometer reading is a crucial part of vehicle valuation and lifecycle stage data for right-sizing. By integrating Wialon with CloudApper Fleet, you can now instantly access accurate odometer readings on your company vehicles.

Implement maintenance plans

With the live odometer readings provided through CloudApper Fleet, companies can implement a preventative maintenance plan for their vehicles. Set odometer reading limits in order to conduct maintenance at the specified intervals, resulting in fewer breakdowns.

Product Management
Cloud Architecture
Reduce dangerous driving behaviour

With the live vehicle location tracking and real time data access, your company can now monitor and understand the driving patterns of your drivers. Reduce risky driving behaviour that is a danger to your employees, the public, and your businesses assets.

CloudApper Fleet

Seamlessly integrates with Wialon

Manage and maintain your businesses vehicles with CloudApper Fleet and Wialon. Manage each aspect of your fleet from the drivers, their routes, and the data collected, with Wialon and CloudApper Fleet.

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