A lot of work goes into ensuring HIPAA compliance, which you can easily manage with our software, HIPAA Ready. The ultimate purpose is to ensure the confidentiality, security, and availability of patients’ protected health information (PHI). In short, it protects their privacy by offering security to their medical records.

On that note, healthcare organizations or businesses that hold PHI must conduct a proper risk assessment of their environment and all the places that hold PHI (computers, systems, rooms, etc) and determine the appropriate and reasonable safeguards required. There are three types of safeguards under the HIPAA Security Rule:

Not to mention that developing proper policies and procedures in line with the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rule, providing workforce training, executing business associate agreements, and many other undertakings are also critical.

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So let’s see how HIPAA compliance software can help you with this complex undertaking.

Healthcare organizations, compliance officers, and other healthcare professionals often waste their time searching for data to ensure compliance with HIPAA. Our HIPAA compliance software automates the tedious process of data collection, knowledge sharing and communication, decision making, and tracking changes in compliance requirements and integrating them into the whole system. 

Here’s are five reasons why you should be investing in HIPAA compliance software:

Minimizes legal problems

This is a no-brainer. This is one of the biggest advantages of using HIPAA Ready software. All HIPAA-beholden organizations have to follow the legal frameworks and policies to be able to operate and avoid lawsuits, fines, and penalties. HIPAA Ready is an established platform that will allow you to implement HIPAA compliance requirements, as policies are only effective when enforced and implemented to the fullest extent. The HIPAA Ready software ensures that all HIPAA policies, procedures, and plans are fully integrated across all processes of your organization and that no gaps are left open for risks or crises to slip through.

Improved process and operations efficiency

Innovation and continuous improvement are two critical components for success and prosperity. These include conducting internal audits, risk assessments, feedback solicitation, and frequent evaluations. An organization must be able to report points for improvement, quality, and performance inconsistencies based on the eventual audit findings and evaluations. With the HIPAA Ready software, you will be able to ensure that the areas for improvement are well-documented and communicated across the organization. 

Promotes informed and compliant decision making

Through HIPAA Ready, it will be easier to make decisions where the organization’s legal integrity is at stake. The HIPAA Ready software helps escalate these scenarios to the system and delegate it to the HIPAA officers and the appropriate person involved so they are resolved immediately. 

Enhanced team collaboration and communication

Healthcare workers and leaders are at the forefront of confronting risks, observing inconsistencies in the systems, and keeping up with compliance requirements. That is why it is critical to have a centralized and simplified process for communicating the requirements and inconsistencies so they are captured, delegated, and implemented effectively. The HIPAA Ready compliance management software ensures that there is a plain and seamless practice of capturing and relaying issues and incidents across diverse teams. 

Greater brand image

For any business, regardless of the industry, customers appreciate when they are socially and environmentally conscious. For example, if you take extra steps to ensure that your employees are up-to-date through training and extra security measures to better protect patient data, it automatically gives you an edge over your competitors. The HIPAA Ready software will ultimately ensure that HIPAA compliance requirements are consistently met. 

The HIPAA Law Made Less Complex

The HIPAA Ready compliance management software is highly affordable and fully customizable. Meaning you can add, edit, or remove a feature according to your unique needs and preferences.