Training the members of the workforce on HIPAA is an essential part of compliance. Even though the training requirements are vaguely stated, it is still mandatory to provide training as required by federal law HIPAA. However, how often should employees be trained is not mentioned anywhere. Therefore, it is open to interpretation.

The rationale for HIPAA training and awareness is to make sure that employees are up-to-date and confident with the complex nature of the law and the latest developments. Both the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule have different training requirements. As per the HIPAA Privacy Rule Administrative requirement, all new staff members must receive training within a “reasonable time frame”. As per the Security Rule, training is required “periodically”, and many people misinterpret “periodically” as annually, which is not the case. Besides, annual refresher training, re-training should be undertaken from time to time so that employees are always up-to-date. This is to ensure that the risk of repeated occurrences is kept to a minimum. HIPAA training to promote awareness amongst employees should be conducted whenever there is a change in the regulations, changes in working practices, or technology.

Nevertheless, coming to the point, you can use HIPAA compliance software – HIPAA Ready to manage training requirements. HIPAA Ready is like learning management software where you can assign trainees, set training schedules, and training information effortlessly. The software also operates on mobile devices, thus, making the information easily accessible to all the employees. Upon setting up the training details, the relevant individuals will receive a notification of their required training and can mark them completed as soon as they finish the training.

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