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Danielle Gradwell | Posted on September 2, 2020 / in HIPAA Compliance Management / 1293 views

Ways in Which HIPAA Compliance Software Helps your Business


It is no secret maintaining HIPAA compliance can be a complicated and daunting task. However, this process is made easier by using a digital software system best suited for your business. This will enable your team to easily comply with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA in order to maintain and protect the privacy of your patient’s data and protected health information (PHI). HIPAA requires anyone working in or with the medical field to adhere to is regulations. A HIPAA compliance software ensures that your company provides the best healthcare to your patients while simultaneously ensuring the privacy of your patients. Examples of these benefits include self-auditing, risk assessment and management, and secure communication with patients.

Why are these Features Important?

Firstly, it is important to self-audit your business on a regular basis. This will help protect your company from security breaches. Self-auditing of your business includes security standards audits, risk management audits, asset, and device audits, and physical security audits. All of these audits are legal requirements. Secondly, the management and assessment of the risks of HIPAA compliance help your team to prioritize solutions to any gaps found through your companies’ self-audits. This process assesses whether or not your company is not complying with HIPAA. This, in turn, enables you to fix any potential issues and avoid unnecessary fines. Lastly, communicating with patients and ensuring the protection of their PHI is key to HIPAA compliance. When interacting with your patients, you need to make sure your practice interacts with its patients in a secure and protected fashion.

HIPAA Compliance Software

Making use of a software that helps your company comply with HIPAA regulations reduces the administrative burden of compliance and prevents unnecessary fines. It is beneficial for your company to use an application that streamlines the HIPAA compliance management process through a digital checklist of tasks, meetings, and training schedules. A software application such as HIPAA Ready enables its users to stay up to date with changes made to HIPAA policies, procedures, and compliance. By making use of compliance software, you are able to easily create, track, and monitor all activities of your employees.

HIPAA Compliance Management Application

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HIPAA Ready is a software application that enables users to create training schedules, ensures employees are educated on HIPAA policies, and creates a digital checklist of all HIPAA requirements in where employees can access their progress whenever. Making use of such an application saves time as it reduces paperwork and makes it easy for employees to access information, log activities, and manage incidents.

HIPAA Ready is the all-in-one compliance solution for your business


HIPAA Ready is the all-in-one compliance solution for your business

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