Using software to streamline organizational activities helps an organization to achieve maximum efficiency. One industry benefiting from software is the US healthcare system. By using a HIPAA compliance software, many healthcare organizations have been able to streamline their HIPAA compliance efforts efficiently.

Organizations that deal with Protected Health Information (PHI) in the healthcare industry are required to abide by certain sets of rules and regulations that HIPAA mandates. HIPAA is the acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It was established by Bill Clinton in August 1996 to safeguard health data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, and to protect health insurance coverage of workers and their families in case they lose or change their jobs. Other goals include making the healthcare system more simple, efficient, and less costly. 

HIPAA is a vast law and maintaining compliance can be tiresome. Covered entities and business associates are required to address many facets of their operations to comply with HIPAA. By being compliant with the law, organizations become more capable in handling and safeguarding patients’ PHI. Compliance also saves organizations from being heavily fined in case of a violation by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Thus, to efficiently streamline business activities while maintaining compliance, using a HIPAA compliance software can make all the difference.

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HIPAA Ready- a HIPAA compliance software

HIPAA Ready is a modern and effective cloud-based HIPAA compliance software. It enables you to efficiently manage your compliance management activities. It includes a digital checklist of tasks and training information. With this software, you will also be able to set up meetings effortlessly. There are several features in this software that are designed to ease complexities.


Features and Benefits of HIPAA Ready

Reducing paperwork and automating the processes
With HIPAA Ready compliance software, organizations will be able to reduce non-essential administrative work hours and save valuable time. Reducing paper works also helps to decrease the number of mistakes that arise from human errors.

Simplifying training management
Providing HIPAA training to the members of the workforce of certain organizations and covered entities who handle PHI is required by the law. Even small physician’s offices are required to provide training to their staff. With HIPAA Ready compliance software, management of training is streamlined. This application will allow you to add training courses, assign a trainee, set up training schedules, and keep a record of training undertaken by each employee.

Documentation trail
Keeping a trail of documents is also another key to HIPAA compliance. When experts come for an audit, you can easily demonstrate that you’re keeping track of training by storing and maintaining necessary documents in HIPAA Ready. This HIPAA compliance software also allows you to create a digital checklist of all the tasks that are required for compliance. You can easily access and track the signs of progress whenever required.

Customizable policy and procedure platform
Perhaps the most important aspects of your compliance program are the policies and procedures your organization develops and implements, such as keeping a trail of training and keeping track of your policies and procedures. HIPAA Ready compliance software will enable you to customize your workflow. You can add, edit, or remove new policies and easily notify your staff members of the changes across the organization. During audits, when experts see that you are implementing necessary measures for developing up-to-date policies and procedures, they will know that you are making efforts to keep up with the HIPAA stipulations. 

Why should you use HIPAA Ready?

HIPAA Ready is a cloud-based HIPAA compliance software and cloud solution that is quickly becoming the new norm for the way organizations operate. Cloud solutions allow you to deploy your services quicker in a matter of just a few clicks. It’s fast and reliable because you can instantly receive updates on changes. 

Mobility is another key feature of HIPAA Ready. Relevant individuals can easily access this application whether they are working on-premises or from remote locations. Once the data is stored in cloud storage, back-up and restoration becomes simple, which has been a time-consuming process in the past. 

Utilize HIPAA Ready to manage your compliance program. Don’t wait and experience the many benefits.