Near Field Communication (NFC)is a major principle in contactless and instant payments. However, NFC’s capabilities extend beyond quick payments. This relatively safe, easy, and cost-effective innovation can be utilized in various industries to improve data exchange, customer service, business process control, and generate new business ideas. 

NFC is safer than a barcode and less expensive than RFID. That is why so many firms are adopting NFC-based smartphone applications. It’s time to use CloudApper to create highly adaptable, cost-effective, and user-friendly NFC-based apps for your business!

NFC? What Is That? 

Near Field Communication is a short-range, high-frequency, wireless communication technology that allows data to be exchanged between devices across a 10 cm distance. NFC is an update to the existing proximity card technology (RFID) that merges the smartcard and reader interfaces into a single device. It enables users to wirelessly transmit content between digital devices, pay bills, and even use their cellphone as electronic transit tickets on existing contactless infrastructures that are already in use for public transportation.

How Can NFC Be Used in Business? 

The idea of NFC is simple to grasp. To put it in simple terms, this technology allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are in close proximity, conducting various business functions. 

The most basic illustration of how this technology works is an NFC payment. When you use your smartphone or smartwatch to pay for something, this technology begins by reading your credit card information and sending it to the banking system. 

CloudApper makes it easy for anyone to develop fully customizable apps without knowing how to code. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the appropriate components, test it, and then publish to develop an NFC app. Everything else is handled by CloudApper, and any changes are immediately reflected on the app’s mobile and web versions!

Asset Tracking 

The NFC asset monitoring system offers new techniques to ensure that items taken from the asset store are returned. The data is transmitted together with the allocated employee’s name and details whenever the asset leaves the storage area. The asset’s information is then re-entered after it is returned.

Healthcare Rounds

NFC offers a smooth process for tracking in-hospital rounds and reliable patient data monitoring. Users may work on the go and monitor various facilities and sites from any location using the rounding application. Employers may use the powerful mobile application to send digital work orders, and employees can accomplish jobs immediately from their cell phones.


Patrol guards can employ NFC tags to ensure and track security visits to specific places. Contactless peer-to-peer data transfer is possible with NFC. Because it only contacts one device at a time, there is a lower margin of error. NFC provides significantly safer data and payment transfers than traditional swipe or touch methods.

Equipment Maintenance

The NFC tags are designed to be as durable as they are feasible. They can be used on any equipment, regardless of location or weather conditions, and are resistant to extreme weather, bright sunlight, and abrasive materials. 

NFC has also aided in improving equipment and building maintenance by greatly simplifying the processes necessary to operate. A maintenance management application that is infinitely more simple can smoothly replace previously complicated and bureaucratic systems burdened by paperwork.

Time Tracking

In the healthcare or security sectors, you can assign NFC tags in different areas or buildings so employees can directly and accurately track their time in each building. Easily track time and attendance data on the site or in the office on the construction site. 

NFC tags can be allocated to various buildings so employees can track their working time and location across multiple construction sites. Each construction worker can easily track their time with an NFC-enabled smartphone.


NFC technology is widely available, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and promising. There are numerous NFC ideas to get you started and multiple methods to use NFC to automate some of your company procedures. Furthermore, because the business is predicted to expand, it is now an excellent moment to begin planning your project. So it’s time to make your business move forward with CloudApper – contact us now to learn more.