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Shayur Maharaj | Posted on December 22, 2021 / in No-Code Platform / 1007 views

Increase Employee Collaboration with a No-Code Platform

Teamwork is a complex dynamic to balance in any company. Balancing the needs of the departments and providing employees in various teams with the tools they require to work efficiently can be complicated to achieve. Your business software solutions should not add further complexity to the process, especially when teams are collaborating on projects. Fortunately, there is a system that fosters and encourages interdepartmental collaboration on projects, a no-code platform.

What is a no-code platform and how does it increase collaboration?

A no-code platform is an application development system that enables users to develop applications through a graphical interface, rather than having to write lines of code. The benefit of this form of development is that any user can develop, test, and operate applications, due to the intuitive nature of the platform. 

Working on new projects will require input and guidance from employees in various departments. In many cases, employees prefer to take a hands-on approach. This means being able to operate on the system that the project is being managed on, this is possible on a no-code platform. With an understanding of how a no-code platform empowers employees, we can begin to look at how they encourage collaboration.

Anybody can use the platform

As previously stated, a no-code platform can be utilized by all employees, this means that any employee with an idea can easily create an application. The application can be tested and shown to other employees who can also contribute to the building of the application, increasing employee collaboration in the process.

Efficient use of human resources

From a practical point of view, a company must efficiently manage its resources to get the best results when completing projects. While this is known for inventory and assets, it is also true for human resources. With a no-code platform, you no longer have to rely on specific departments throughout the process of completing a project. For example, an over-reliance on the IT department to make changes or test an application is not a wise use of their time if these employees already have responsibilities they must attend to. With a no-code platform, all employees are capable of operating the systems the project is being developed on, this means that employees can be assigned more effectively to different tasks when necessary.

Streamline development processes 

Often in business, the development process is very time-consuming. From communicating the various needs to the developers, to creating and testing the product, there is a lot that needs to be done by many employees. By training employees from various departments on a no-code platform each employee can be responsible for completing different aspects within the development process. This streamlines the process as all employees are contributing to the development process rather than sending requests and waiting for them to be actioned.

Easily understood

Previously when an application or project was being developed, programmers would work on the application before sending it through to be tested, reviewed, and critiqued. Notes would be taken, and changes would be made. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it can be costly for companies who outsource to developers. With a no-code platform, employees can see and understand what is going on and simply make changes where necessary, allowing all employees to provide their input at all times.


When working on a project, achieving synergy among departments can be difficult for companies. However, by implementing a no-code platform, like CloudApper, your company can ensure that all employees are working toward the same goal due to the empowerment provided by the platform. Contact us and effortlessly create applications now with CloudApper.

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