According to the State of the Global Workplace analysis, 85 % are either disengaged or not engaged at work. The global pandemic has impacted employee productivity and engagement, resulting in a 2% decrease in engagement. To promote organizational resilience and a healthier workplace, leaders must focus on employee engagement and well-being, as employee involvement at work is directly proportional to the company’s production.

What might be the cause of employees’ disengagement from their jobs? For one thing, working on tedious, repetitive activities is becoming increasingly uninteresting and unfulfilling. Data entry, sales orders issuance, follow-up emails, and various other tasks are part of an employee’s daily to-do list. Employee morale suffers when they spend more time on boring tasks than brainstorming and development. 

CloudApper No-Code Platform is the Solution 

Companies use a variety of applications and software in their day-to-day operations. In the modern era of the business landscape, companies still rely mainly on traditional development, which requires a lot of back-end coding. Completing the task requires a significant amount of time and work but most of the time, it fails to meet the business needs at the outset. Changes may be required in the future, and these changes can take months to complete.

The no-code platform has changed to bridge the gap between IT backlogs and a company’s unique requirements. No-code platforms will allow business professionals to develop apps without coding knowledge. By putting the power of streamlining tasks in the hands of employees and enabling them to take time to invest in critical business tasks, no-code fosters employee engagement that adds value to the organization. No-code equips employees with a smarter way of working and bridges the tech divide, leading to higher productivity and enhanced growth.

How CloudApper Will Increase Employee Productivity and Engagement

Automating Business Process

Most employees are fulfilling their goals, but they cannot apply their creativity and remedy-thinking to the problem. This is because daily duties take up a significant portion of their time. The time wasted on follow-ups and contacting the next person associated can be greatly reduced with CloudApper no-code. Even a non-tech user will be able to automate the process into a structured, efficient solution, thanks to no-code, ultimately assisting them in achieving their objectives and feeling self-assured.

Unleash Creativity

People with no-code can build the solutions they require to succeed. Employees don’t have to wait for the tech team to construct an internal application that they think will assist their team break through a process bottleneck. Instead, they can create the application and begin working more effectively right away. Furthermore, no-code allows staff to pursue a creative concept and launch new, exciting ventures. The main advantage of CloudApper is that it has a very low learning curve. CloudApper offers online training classes, tutorial videos, and other support documentation to assist users to get up and running quickly.

Collaboration Between Teams

Developing no-code apps improves team engagement and fosters a healthy work environment for employees. When employees work together to solve software-related challenges, they form bonds. When developing apps, developers usually work alone to write lines of code. No-code allows business users to work on the final product while still being governed by the IT team.

No-Code Required 

Providing employees with the appropriate tools is one of the most effective methods of improving the workplace environment. This entails permanently removing code. No-code means no more monotonous routine work, no more debugging, no more legacy maintenance, and no more code anxiety. Eliminating these application development components will go a long way toward making your staff happier and filling their days with exciting, value-adding tasks that allow them to use their imaginations.

Take Away

The CloudApper platform is designed to handle all of your application developments. This frees up time for your staff to work on low-volume, macro-level tasks like coming up with fresh ideas and establishing business logic—the stuff that people want to do! CloudApper can help you modify your corporate culture for happier employees, increased productivity, and a more substantial business with its unique no-code features – contact us now to learn more about it.