No one could have predicted that the Coronavirus would cause such widespread devastation when it first emerged. People initially ignored the virus until the infection rate began to rise alarmingly, and hospitals were flooded with covid patients. People were forced to remain at home till things got better. Luckily, the vaccine for Covid was available for citizens within 8 months of the outbreak. That’s where the problem arose. Government and healthcare organizations didn’t have any software or application to maintain the entire vaccination process and keep track of it. Healthcare organizations and the government needed a quick solution to manage the vaccination process. It was quite impossible to develop a fully functional application that could track the vaccination process in a short time. This article will discuss how the No-Code platform CloudApper stepped up and made the process quicker and easier.

Some Alarming Facts 

According to the WHO, 11,579,263,039 vaccination doses have been delivered worldwide. Although most countries are speeding up the vaccination procedure, Africa is far behind. Africa, the world’s second-largest continent and the second-most-populous continent has only properly vaccinated roughly 9.5 per cent of its inhabitants. Although vaccine design and manufacture are extensive, no African country currently produces COVID-19 vaccines. As a result, the region relies on vaccination imports from developing countries. The region’s low vaccination rate could lead to a crisis if it is not dramatically increased. 

Hunt to Make the Vaccination Process Easier

More than 6 million individuals live in one of Africa’s most populous provinces. The coronavirus pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges for its health department and healthcare system worldwide. Vaccines have finally been approved and made available in the region following a long fight against the novel virus. But getting them to the right people promptly, effectively, and error-free is a different story. Managing COVID-19 vaccines and simplifying vaccinators’ efforts became problematic for the health department due to various internal and external concerns.

The local health department has been looking for a strategy to run the vaccination program successfully while keeping costs down since receiving vaccines from developing countries. It required a robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective system that assures a suitable vaccine registration database that successfully maintains vaccine inventory and ensures adequate dose distribution among vaccine recipients.

Response From CloudApper No-Code Platform 

To keep the vaccination process simple, the local health department of the province was searching for a COVID-19 vaccination program management solution that fit its specific requirements. Developing a mobile or web app from scratch wasn’t the most suitable solution for them as it would take lots of time and money. The health department needed a solution fast to start the registration process. After investing in different solutions, The local health department chooses the CloudApper Covax application. CloudApper team delivered the application according to their requirements within 72 hours. The health department initiated its fight against the virus with the help of CloudApper’s COVID-19 vaccination program management app, which was also used for registration.

It successfully streamlined and managed its vaccination activities with CloudApper Covax. The department and authorized vaccinators were able to arrange and verify the time, date, dose, count, status, and future dosage(s) right from their phones, thanks to CloudApper Covax. The cloud-based technology also reduces paperwork, administrative stress, and additional expenditures by eliminating mix-ups and vaccination administration errors.

Furthermore, the local health department can access the registration information via mobile devices, prioritize doses according to laws and regulations, track progress, and assure responsibility. This ensured that vaccine distribution was appropriately managed, effectively, and fairly.

Key Points to Take into Consideration

With a new stat from WHO, Africa’s vaccination process rose by 15% from January to February. Where In February, around 62 million doses were provided across the continent. With the help of the CloudApper Covax App, The local health department was able to make the vaccination process easier for citizens. CloudApper Covax is a highly customizable web and mobile application that any authorized person can operate without any technical assistance. The Covax app also saves money by reducing management time and the cost of building infrastructure.

That’s not all, CloudApper is a no-code enterprise application platform that empowers governments and companies to work from their mobile devices.CloudApper enables its customers to consolidate their daily operations under a single mobile app, allowing the employees to work smarter and faster through custom workflows and access to enterprise data. With CloudApper, employees can be more productive by performing all of their tasks from their phones – improving responsiveness, saving time, and increasing efficiency.