Are you ready as an organization to deal with the loss of a key IT team member? Will certain critical functions within the organization get thrown off gear when that person leaves? Can the organization afford the risk?

Having a contingency plan ready to reduce dependency on individuals if they move out is critical—and crucial—to ensure business continuity. There are just too many risks involved when an IT information silo is created around one or a few people. Risks like these eventually lead to interruption of business continuity due to the loss of an employee (because of resignation, a medical condition, a holiday or retirement) may adversely affect the bottom line of a company.

You can evade this eventuality with Cloudapper’s no-code enterprise app development platform. It is a sure way of breaking dependency on certain IT personnel in an organization. The software is an easy to use drag and drop platform that can be operated by an individual with zero technical skills or knowledge. It can help to accelerate the business digitization process, efficiency, and agility while also helping the business to survive in a very competitive environment.

Now, let us look at how we can use CloudApper to reduce dependency on IT resources.

How The Use of CloudApper Can Reduce Pressure and Reliance on IT Resources

Optimization Of Internal Resources: It optimizes the full functioning of an organization without the use of internal IT resources. Earlier companies had to outsource their task or needed to hire professional developers to create or make any change in their software, which was costly and time-consuming. With CloudApper, you can create applications for your business functions at no extra cost or resources. Non-technical employees can develop apps according to business requirements with CloudApper. This significantly reduces the burden placed on IT teams. It eliminates technical debt while facilitating a reduction in time wastage and hastens the project deployment system.

Faster time-to-market: It allows businesses to quickly create apps without writing a single line of code. The apps can be used almost instantly. You can create an app by drawing a sort of flowchart with the drag-and-drop feature within hours. It minimizes the time it takes for IT teams to test and launch programmed software. The stages of idea and prototype development, testing and launching are fast-tracked.

Reduction in Costs: CloudApper is a very-cost effective substitute that allows IT departments to build high-quality enterprise-grade software with less- time, money and man-power. As the platform doesn’t require the same efforts and technical skills compared to traditional coding platforms, a business is able to reduce a lot of their burden of extra costs.

Enterprise-Wide Efficiencies: Developers can plot their tasks and boost the process of software development by using CloudApper. Their attention can be shifted towards the introduction of novel features and functionalities for the organization. It significantly reduces the dependency on IT talents (which may prove to be pretty expensive) and the person with the least technical know-how can ideally use the platform to transform ideas into action at a speedy rate and innovatively.

Reduces Maintenance from IT: With its ready-made, trusted standard features, it can be relatively easy to integrate than the initial process of development. Teams can cut down on time spent maintaining software and the main focus can switch to generating greater business value.

Reduces dependency on IT resources: With standardized, pretested, and ready-made components, integration issue is much less than the previous development method. It allows IT teams  to cut down on the maintenance time and focus on driving greater business value.

Cloudapper is a powerful business enterprise software that allows you to make unique software in a much easier way. CloudApper aims to make it easier to build applications by removing hand-coding, such initiatives are very important for companies who have to build applications to work across a wider range of devices, including smartphones. The no-code platforms like CloudApper are rising in popularity for its overall efficiency features. It is estimated that the use of these platforms can reduce the development time by around 90% in some cases. With so many benefits most businesses are now approaching no-code app development. With the global pandemic businesses are more concerned with conducting business with tighter budgets. CloudApper is making it extremely simple to build powerful software and all businesses have to do is execute properly and take care of their customers. The platforms not only have reduced pressure & reliance on IT resources, but have completely revolutionized how businesses are conducted these days.