ÓSuite Office Automation Suite


Office Automation Suite



Stay in control of your business on the move with mobile/web apps.



Automate work, calculation & reporting to get things done faster.



Easily track, manage and collaborate various business process.

Our óSuite office automation suite is a highly flexible engine that provides many customizable business applications from one centralized platform.

A cloud-based biometric visitor management system that replaces the old fashioned way of visitor management via paper logs, visitor sign-in sheets, and ID cards or stickers.

Highly customizable one-point solution designed to support enterprises in managing organizational assets and to optimize operational costs.

Contract Management

Keep track of all the signed documents and contracts to eliminate the risk associated with missing renewal dates and poorly managed documents.

A central system that manages the information of cars, vans and trucks owned by the company. Service information, inspection and registration/license information for all vehicles are kept inside this application.

Simple CMMS is a mobile and cloud application to simplify the management of enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory, work order routing, and reporting.

Value of Office Automation Suite

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate interdepartmental collaboration to improve synchronization among all departments of the organization.

Increased Efficiency

Reduce any chances of error to almost zero in an automated business process and speed things up to increase efficiency.

Reduced Cost

Replace manual paper based systems with automated web & mobile app to save unnecessary overhead cost.

Increased ROI

Improve and streamline business processes to increase productivity and increase return on investment (ROI).

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