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Check CloudApper AI Before Hiring an Outsourced Software Development Team

Are you considering outsourcing software development for your company? Read on to discover the significant risks involved, which can be devastating, and how CloudApper AI can provide a secure, efficient solution.


The increasing demand for digital transformation has made it challenging for businesses to find qualified software developers. To cope with this, companies are actively outsourcing software development for their company software development needs, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of this option. While outsourcing can seem like an easy and budget-friendly solution, it comes with significant risks many companies may not be aware of. According to a survey conducted by Harvey Nash/KPMG, 65% of IT leaders report a tech talent shortage, leading many companies to outsource software development to fill the gap. Let’s get to know the risks of outsourcing before jumping into the solution.

Lack of Control & Information

One common problem that companies face when outsourcing software development is the lack of control and information. It can be challenging to manage a team of developers who are working remotely and in different time zones, especially if they are not familiar with your company’s goals and standards. This can lead to communication gaps, delays, and quality issues that can hinder the progress of your project

With CloudApper, there is no need to maintain a team of developers or deal with developers with poor coding skills who are constantly rewriting codes.

With CloudApper, you can gain better control of your software development project. Our AI technology creates error-free software at a rapid speed, and our team takes care of maintenance, technical support, system upgrades, and hosting management. This allows you to focus on your core business and leave the technical details to us.

Lack of Skilled Developers

When a software development team lacks qualified developers, maintaining the software becomes a big challenge. Inexperienced developers may not have a thorough understanding of the existing codebase, which can result in code duplication and rewriting. As a result, development and maintenance cycles become longer, leading to increased costs and lower software quality. In fact, according to a Deloitte study, 43% of businesses that lack qualified developers face quality issues when outsourcing software development.

Clients often lack the expertise to assess the quality of code and ensure it is written optimally. It’s crucial that coding is done carefully, but outsourced companies may not have the time or patience to correct mistakes.

With CloudApper AI, businesses do not need to worry about codebase knowledge. Once the software is deployed, CloudApper AI handles maintenance, software updates, technical support, system upgrades, hosting management, and cyber security monitoring. This solution eliminates the need for outsourcing developers with a specific skill set and ensures that your software stays up-to-date and secure over time. 

IP Security

Outsourcing also poses a risk to intellectual property (IP) security. When outsourcing software development, you must share sensitive information and code with a third-party team. This can risk your organization’s trade secrets, patents, and copyrights, especially if the external team does not follow strict security protocols.

When there is no human dependency on software development, it automatically eliminates IP security risks. CloudApper AI provides a secure private cloud on AWS and Azure, ensuring that the software development process is secured and protected. The platform also offers legal protection under USDA, which can provide businesses with peace of mind and assurance that their intellectual property is safe.


Outsourcing software development can seem like a promising solution to the talent shortage problem, but it comes with significant risks, such as complicated review processes, less codebase knowledge, and IP security risks. Fortunately, CloudApper AI provides a solution that eliminates these risks while ensuring fast and efficient software development. With CloudApper AI’s AI-powered software development platform, businesses can automate many critical development tasks, ensuring faster development times, fewer errors, and better quality products. Additionally, CloudApper AI offers maintenance, software updates, technical support, system upgrades, hosting management, and cyber security monitoring, freeing businesses from needing specific skill sets and ensuring software stays up-to-date and secure over time. Don’t take unnecessary risks with outsourcing; visit CloudApper AI today and experience a better, more secure software development process.

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