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Matthew Bennett | Posted on November 30, 2020 / in Visitor Management / 2405 views

8 Ways Visitor Management Software Improves Office Security


Office security is at the top of every facility manager’s priority list these days. No matter which sector – be it a corporate office, hotel, educational institution, or hospital, everyone keeps office premise security at the top of their list. But still, there are a large number of offices where most entrances are not properly secured, as they are using manual check-in sheets to store visitor data. In places like these, visitor management software improves office security by providing a high level of protection to your premises and help you avoid unwanted visitors. Wondering how? Let me explain:

How visitor management software improves office security?

  1. Improved data security

Ever flip through your paper visitor log? Good luck figuring out who stopped by earlier today if you needed to. Last year? Forget about it. An iPad check-in app captures visitor information legibly. Visitor information can be retrieved from anywhere and anytime, even in the middle of an emergency.

  1. Privacy

Paper visitor log books make it easy for visitors to see who came before them. This is a privacy violation for both your organization and your visitors. Sales representatives often flip through the visitor log to see which competitors came in before them.

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  1. Capture Exact Entry and Exit Time

Digital visitor management systems can even take photos so you have a visual record of your visitors. They will also note the exact time of arrival and departure from your facility. This way, if any unexpected event takes place, it’s easier to find visitor data.

  1. Improve Visitor Experience

Visitor Management Systems not only add another layer of security to your facility, but they can also increase operational efficiency through efficient visitor and appointment handling to ensure a seamless visitor experience. It can help you augment your emergency response strategy and minimize risk.

  1. Your First Line of Defense

The lobby reception is the number one office security point. With the help of visitor management software, you can easily identify any potential troublemaker based on their previous records, even before they enter your office. Protecting your employees, guests, and the property is critical.

  1. Less Risk of Forgery

The information documented using pen and paper can easily be falsified, which is a huge risk for any office. Having a system that does not consistently verify the identity of a guest is a huge problem. On the other hand, a visitor management system not only keeps a log of visits, but it also keeps a log of any changes made to the data and the person who made them.

  1. Permission Management

When you use a paper logbook for tracking visitor information, your competitor or enemy has no problem reading the pen and paper logbook and exposing your confidential information. But with a visitor management system, any visitor can only see their own visit information, which is further protected by their biometric traits.

  1. Visitor ID Cards Are Not Safe

Unauthorized visitors could potentially gain access to a facility using a discarded badge, leaving your employees, data, and facility at risk. That’s why modern visitor management solutions send electronic id cards to a visitor’s email address, which is more secure and eliminates the cost of printing id cards.

Looking to adopt visitor management software?

Visitor Track is a modern, affordable, and effective way of managing visitors. With the help of Visitor Track, any business can improve the visitor experience, digitize a concrete visit log, and save hours of paperwork. Visitor Track also reduces administrative costs by replacing plastic or paper-based ID cards and associated printers with biometric data and a digital badge. Contact us today for more information.

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