In today’s workplace, efficiency and innovation are critical to the success of any business. Introducing hrPad, a revolutionary time clock that will completely change how you track time. This advanced system includes various features aimed at maximizing shifts, handling accruals, and managing tips, among other things. hrPad’s standout feature, however, is its assistant, a conversational companion with whom employees can talk and chat, transforming it into an interactive smart clock that responds to their needs.

Unpacking the AI Assistant

At the heart of hrPad is an AI assistant that revolutionizes how employees interact with HR systems. Using voice commands or text chat, employees can easily communicate with the assistant to obtain the required information. For example, an employee could ask, “What are my company’s vacation policies?” and receive an immediate response customized to the company’s specific guidelines. Other common queries may include:

“How many sick days do I have left?”

“What are the steps to submit an expense report?”

“Where can I find the employee handbook?”

“How do I participate in the employee referral program?”

The AI assistant is not a static tool; it is intended to be trainable. HR departments can program the assistant with company-specific information and frequently asked questions, ensuring the responses are accurate, relevant, and current.

Benefits for Employees

The convenience provided by hrPad’s AI assistant is unparalleled. Employees can access information at any time and from any location, reducing the need for HR to respond to basic inquiries. This immediate access to personalized responses and guidance based on individual employee data empowers employees and fosters a sense of autonomy.

Benefits for HR

For human resources departments, the AI assistant is a game changer. It handles common inquiries automatically, significantly reducing the workload of HR personnel. As the number of support tickets decreases, employee satisfaction improves. Furthermore, hrPad is an effective platform for disseminating company updates and policies, ensuring that all employees are informed. Employee interactions with the assistant provide HR with valuable data that can be used to refine and improve the system.

AI Assitant for Employee Support

The Future of AI-Powered Time Clock

hrPad’s AI assistant significantly extends future AI advancements, establishing it as a leading solution in the changing workplace. hrPad empowers your workforce by seamlessly integrating with key HCM platforms. Easily sync with UKG Pro, UKG Ready, ADP, Ceridian Dayforce, and Workday. Experience a future in which hrPad transforms HR processes to improve efficiency and engagement.


hrPad’s AI assistant offers a unique value proposition, blending the practicality of a time clock with the advanced capabilities of AI. It’s an innovative solution that can transform the workplace, making HR processes more efficient and employee interactions more engaging. To discover the full potential of hrPad, contact us for a demo to see how it can benefit your organization.