CloudApper AI TimeClock is a versatile and customizable time-tracking solution designed to streamline workforce management for businesses. It is an affordable and contactless time capture option that can be used as an alternative to regular time clocks or in conjunction with them to add more touchpoints for employee time and attendance tracking at a lower cost. CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a modern alternative that seamlessly integrates with the Ceridian Dayforce – Global HCM (Human Capital Management) platform. This article explores how CloudApper AI Time Clock revolutionizes time tracking for Dayforce users

CloudApper AI TimeClock is compatible with Android and iOS-based tablets. It allows businesses to repurpose their existing devices into smart time clocks, reducing capital expenses and ensuring accessibility and convenience for employees. The solution also offers round-the-clock technical assistance and preventative upkeep, ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

Enhanced Accuracy and Security

CloudApper leverages artificial intelligence to ensure accurate and secure timekeeping. Features like:

Facial Recognition: Employees can clock in and out using facial recognition, eliminating the possibility of “buddy punching” (someone clocking in for a colleague).


Geofencing: Define a virtual perimeter around your workplace. Clock-ins outside this zone are flagged for review, minimizing time theft.

These features not only improve payroll accuracy but also reduce administrative burdens for HR teams.

Integration with Dayforce

CloudApper seamlessly integrates with Ceridian Dayforce. Time data captured by CloudApper automatically flows into Dayforce, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring real-time payroll processing. This integration streamlines HR workflows and saves valuable time.


CloudApper AI Time Clock

CloudApper AI TimeClock's QR Code Based Solution Deployment For Employee Clock-Ins at Pacific Atlantic Handling

Additional Benefits

CloudApper offers a range of additional benefits for Dayforce users.

  • AI Assistant: An AI assistant within the CloudApper platform helps employees answer HR-related questions and self-serve tasks like requesting time off. This reduces the workload on HR teams and empowers employees.
  • Customizable Reports: Generate detailed reports on employee time tracking data. Analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and gain valuable insights into workforce productivity.
  • Compliance Management: CloudApper helps ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations regarding time tracking.



CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a powerful and innovative solution for Ceridian Dayforce users. It enhances accuracy, security, and flexibility in time tracking while streamlining HR workflows and empowering employees. With its seamless integration with Dayforce – Global HCM, CloudApper creates a comprehensive solution that optimizes workforce management. Contact us to learn more.


Question: What are the benefits of using CloudApper AI Time Clock with Dayforce?

Answer: CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a number of benefits for Dayforce users, including:

  • Improved accuracy and security of time-tracking data
  • Increased flexibility and convenience for employees to clock in and out
  • Streamlined HR workflows and reduced administrative burden
  • Real-time data share for payroll processing
  • Valuable insights into workforce productivity
  • Improved compliance with labor laws and regulations

Question: Is CloudApper AI Time Clock easy to use?

Answer: Yes, CloudApper AI Time Clock is designed to be user-friendly for both employees and HR administrators. Employees can clock in and out using biometric authentication and QR/barcode scanning. HR administrators can easily access and manage time data through the CloudApper platform.