Today’s workforce seeks flexible solutions for tracking work hours. If you’re an isolved HCM user seeking an alternative to physical time clocks, consider CloudApper AI TimeClock. It’s a tablet-based time clock that can be fixed anywhere and comes with cost-effective pricing.

Why Choose Modern Time Clock?

Modern time clocks address buddy punching and offer flexibility to remote and mobile workers. CloudApper AI TimeClock offers:

CloudApper AI TimeClock – iPad/Tablet Based Time Tracking Application for isolved

Biometric Security: Eliminate “buddy punching” with fingerprint or facial recognition, ensuring accurate time tracking.

Automated Tasks: CloudApper AI TimeClock collects data for isolved HCM to calculate overtime, generate reports, and approve timecards, saving valuable time.

AI Assistant: It comes with an AI Assistant for employees, answering all their HR needs and leaving HR professionals workload-free.

PTO Request: Easily access accruals and request PTO within the clock, a unique feature.

Shift Optimization: Employees can bid for shifts and optimize their working schedules within the time clock, making it a modern workplace solution.

CloudApper AI TimeClock provides versatile time capture options. Employees can submit their punches using various modes, including face ID, QR codes, barcodes, and NFC.

CloudApper seamlessly integrates with your existing isolved platform, ensuring a smooth workflow and avoiding needing separate logins or data entry. This integration allows:

Maintain a unified system: Manage time, attendance, and other HR functions within the familiar isolved platform.

Reduce errors: Eliminate the risk of errors associated with manual data entry between different systems.

Boost efficiency: Streamline HR processes and allow your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Embrace the Future of Work:

CloudApper offers a modern and efficient solution for tracking work hours within your isolved environment. Providing flexibility, security, automation, and real-time insights empowers employees and simplifies HR processes. Contact us for a free demo and learn more about CloudApper AI TimeClock.


CloudApper AI Time Clock

Potpourri Group Inc. Improved Their Efficiency of Employee Time Management with CloudApper AI TimeClock