Accurate and efficient time tracking isn’t just a nice to have; it’s crucial for several factors – compliance, accurate payroll processing, proper recordkeeping, and so much more. The NXG G2+, seamlessly integrated with the isolved Time platform, offers a robust time capture device brimming with convenience for those that want a straightforward time capture experience. However, tablet-based solutions like CloudApper hrPad bring flexibility and customization many organizations need nowadays. Let’s take a deep dive into how to easily clock in and out using the NXG G2+ for isolved Time.

Clocking In and Out With the NXG G2+

Getting started with the NXG G2+ is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Employee Identification: Employees need to choose the preferred method of identification – PIN, barcode cards, magnetic swipe cards, proximity cards, or fingerprint – whichever method the organization uses. It’s a fairly simple method.
  • Select Action: The intuitive interface of the NXG G2+ displays clear options like “Clock In,” “Clock Out,” “Break In,” and “Break Out.” Employees simply need to select the appropriate option.
  • Confirm and Go: The device provides a message upon successful punches – indicating that the action is registered and the time is synced with isolved Time.

That was relatively easy, wasn’t it?

When Custom Needs Arise

What if you could capture custom employee data like job codes, specific job locations, or custom fields tailored to your specific operations? Or want to use advanced features like facial recognition for enhanced security or offer 24/7 HR support to employees using an AI-powered chatbot? Maybe your workforce boasts remote teams or field workers whose clock-ins and outs must be captured in bulk or without any internet connection.

In such scenarios, a versatile solution like CloudApper hrPad might be the answer.

hrPad for isolved: Time Tracking Meets HCM Automation

Seamlessly integrating with isolved Time, hrPad goes beyond time tracking, offering a treasure trove of customization options and advanced features. The AI-powered HRSD for isolved offers:

  • Tailored Workflows: hrPad customizes the time tracking processes that perfectly align with your unique needs – automating essential tasks and eliminating errors that can plague efficiency.
  • AI-Powered Time Clock: With our customizable employee time capture solution, minimize buddy punching and employee time theft using advanced facial recognition – ensuring payroll integrity and compliance.

  • 24/7 HR Chatbot: Empower employees with instant access to HR support and answers to FAQs, reducing administrative burden and fostering a self-service environment.
  • Data Capture Versatility: Capture job codes, locations, and custom fields beyond clock-ins, streamlining payroll and providing valuable insights into your workforce operations. Capture data offline and in bulk as well for field workers or remote areas.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): Give employees control over viewing schedules and paystubs and requesting time off, fostering transparency, self-management, and a culture of ownership.

Why CloudApper hrPad

  • Perfect for organizations seeking extensive customization, advanced features, and increased mobility.
  • Offers a data-driven approach to workforce management with enhanced security, employee support, and process automation, unlocking operational efficiency and valuable insights.
  • Ideal for any use case – remote teams, diverse workflows, and businesses seeking to optimize their HCM efficiency and leverage cutting-edge technology.
  • A cost-effective alternative as it utilizes any Android tablet or iPad for capturing employee time, providing AI-powered HR support, and more.

The Choice is Yours: Optimize Your Time Tracking

Ultimately, the ideal solution depends on your specific needs and goals. Whether you seek traditional time capture or require advanced features and customizations, remember – accurate and efficient time tracking is an investment in your workforce’s productivity, your business’s bottom line, and a strategic step towards optimized workforce management. Choose the solution that empowers your organization to clock into the future – contact us now to learn more.