Barcodes are very well-known for asset tracking. Many famous enterprises use them to label their assets. These labels make the assets unique and very easily trackable. Although many may prefer QR codes using those would be more expensive for the business.

Since the first consumer barcode was scanned in 1974, the use of barcodes for asset-tracking has revolutionized businesses’ ability to improve data accuracy and speed up inventory management. Thanks to the latest technology, asset tracking is now effortless.

The cloud-based asset management software CloudApper uses asset-tagging technology for accurate record-keeping. 

What exactly is an asset barcode?

The importance of tracking assets cannot be ignored. This is true for any company. Almost every business needs things like furniture, office supplies, industrial equipment, and IT fixed assets (computer equipment and software) to work well, generate income, or keep operations running smoothly. Whether a manufacturer, distributor, or contractor, each company needs to accurately track assets. As important as asset tracking is, the execution of such a task is fairly difficult. Firms often mismanage their fixed assets due to the lack of information. 

To solve this problem, an asset barcode was put in place. Barcodes have unique codes which are tagged with the asset to give them a distinct identity. In this way, companies can easily know the condition, location, or any information about the asset by simply scanning barcodes.

Why are asset barcodes widely used for asset tracking?

Barcodes are the most widely used technique for labeling assets. Although, there are other options, like QR codes, which might be better in a few ways. However, barcodes are cheaper to install and do the work just fine, which makes them more attractive for businesses.

Below are some of the reasons why many organizations use barcodes for tracking assets.

Vast asset information

An asset can generate a lot of information. From the acquisition of the asset to its disposal, an asset is involved in many activities that have to be tracked. Such data can be very overwhelming for some people. With barcode tagging, asset data can be easily tracked. The system will be completely automated and cloud-based, making the whole process safe and secure.

Cost-effective method

Barcodes are a cheap and effective way for businesses to keep track of their items. They can print their own barcodes on-site or buy them from a distributor. Barcodes are very appealing to businesses with warehouses full of valuable items because they don’t cost much to set up and represent a good way to keep track of low-value equipment and items.

Reduces human error with asset barcode

A manual process is prone to human error. When this happens, inventory has to be looked for and found somewhere else. Inaccurate data can be dangerous for businesses. For example, a patient’s medical history is critical in the pharmaceutical industry.

But with an inventory barcode system, you can get rid of human error by automating the process. Indeed, people don’t have to do as much, the records are more accurate.

Also, automating work makes it easier for people to enter data and saves them time.


With an inventory barcode system, items are less likely to be stolen or lost. Inventory isn’t always found when needed and, as a result, production work slows down and productivity decreases.

But with this software, you can easily avoid that kind of situation. It accurately tells you how many items you have and where they are, so you don’t have to worry about inventory being stolen or lost. 

Mobile tracking

CloudApper offers various mobile apps. If the asset tracking system works like mobile apps, it means that users can stay active regardless of their location. Information will be available to all users in real time. 

CloudApper for you

The CloudApper EAM app was developed for the convenience of business needs. The management platform integrates asset barcodes into the system to store accurate information about the assets. This sophisticated system is very user-friendly and requires close to no time to set up. Find out why CloudApper is one the finest platforms for your company by contacting us today.