While running a business, keeping track of the little things is tough. Office inventory can be a good example here. Office supplies are often overused due to misplacement. Employees do not do it intentionally. A small item like a pen or stapler might not be given much importance. If it is lost, another one is pulled from the supply stock.

Companies lose a substantial amount due to this mismanagement. To solve this problem, CloudApper Assets, an equipment management system, could be very useful for a company. It will help track the supplies and better record the actual usage.

Why are office supplies prone to mismanagement?

If anything is not monitored properly, it will be misused in an office. Office supplies are small things that do not hold much value in an operation. It is simply necessary to support the operation, which can easily go unnoticed. Here are some of the reasons for the mismanagement of office supplies:

Manual Tracking

Employees track the supplies manually. The inventory record has to be done manually, either in hard copies or soft copies. Thus, the possibility of human error is very high. Furthermore, the record-keeping process necessitates labor, which is why employees are frequently skeptical of its accuracy.

Open Access to Inventory

The inventory storeroom is often open to all employees. Anyone can go and take the supplies for themselves without any documentation. Many misuse this privilege, as they often use the supplies recklessly.

Personal Usage

This is one of the most common reasons for the early exhaustion of office supplies. Since there is no accountability, employees often use the supplies for personal use. Some of the most common inventories that employees use for personal use are:

  • Printers
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Sticky notes

Due to this misuse, these items are the most fast-moving inventory for any office.

How can an asset management solution help?

An efficient asset management solution is essential for businesses that rely on efficient output and can provide several key benefits. It enables inventories to be located in mere seconds, reduces costs, and accelerates efficient demand planning. Some of the benefits it brings to the company are:

Improve Accountability

With an asset management solution, companies can track the employees assigned to the inventory. This is very important for companies’ related inventories like mice, stands, coolers, etc. Additionally, printer usage like monthly paper usage and cartridge refills can also be tracked. This will help management to ensure the proper use of inventory.

Automated Record Keeping

No additional effort has to be made to keep the records. The process is completely automatic. Manual data-keeping requires additional work hours, which is not preserved positively by the employees. Additionally, the data will be completely accurate with an asset management system.

A Simple Store Report

The risk of losing data is eliminated. The system will automatically record all the data with each entry. The system makes it easy to get a short history of the items, which makes information easier to find.

Accurate Inventory Planning

The consumption report will help to predict the upcoming order with more accuracy. The prediction will be more accurate, reducing wastage. This will help the company to save up on its expenses.


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