Managing your inventory on a small scale can be easy. You have a small operation and do not require much effort to complete it efficiently. However when a business tries to achieve economies of scale and then expand the overall size of the company. In that case, an inventory management system would be very helpful.

Expansion of business operations comes with a lot of additional activities. Due to the size, managing these tasks efficiently becomes very challenging. Companies often have dedicated employees to look after the finished goods. With CloudApper, EAM system managers can directly supervise the process without any other employee. But how a customizable inventory management system is better? We will dissect the topic in detail for better understanding.

What is a customizable inventory management system?

To be honest, any inventory management system is customizable. You can change aspects of the system as per your requirements. However, these changes are not done by the users. You need intense software development skills to personalize your own inventory management software. 

Without coding skills, the whole process is very complicated and requires a lot of preparation. The company that wants to use its very own software for inventory tracking hires developers. Furthermore even after the development of the software an expert is needed to ensure the performance and troubleshooting.

The whole process is lengthy and expensive which is why companies are reluctant to adopt such systems. To meet these downsides, multiple customizable apps, CloudApper EAM were introduced in the market. These platforms soon gained popularity as they allowed users to customize the system as per their business requirements.

The platform has premade features that allow users to drag and drop the functions they need. With proper business knowledge, anyone can make their own inventory management software. The whole process is very easy and requires close to cost. The company will not even need a substantial amount of time for the setup.

How does a customizable inventory management system meet business demand?

To maintain a profitable business effectively, the supply chain is very important. Businesses often use different supply chain methods to be more competitive in the market. That is why a general inventory management system might not be the right choice for every business. The unique method should be compatible with implemented system. 

A general system will not be unique. The company has to use it the way it was developed. That is why big organizations often prefer to make their own system. Customizable software helps to; 

  • Adapt existing workflow

The existing method of management does not have to be changed to implement such a system in the organization. The system can be designed to fit the existing work order and change whenever it is required.

  • Save time

The process will be automatic. Eliminating the manual process can save valuable business time. This time and effort can be dedicated to some other task. 

  • Make the process simple

There might be gaps in the inventory management process. If the company did not realize the gap yet they might in the future. A customized system requires less hassle to make simple tweaks in the systems. Therefore, if a problem is identified, it can be solved quickie making the whole process simple.

  • Requires little or no training

Implementing a new system often requires intense training for employees. Employees often find the new system to be complicated and very used to the prior method. If the system it made uses the existing practices, then the employees will take less time to get used to it and can utilize the full potential of the app within no time.

  • Act like support than a burden

It is often seen that companies implement inventory management software, however, they do not use it actively and eventually abandon it. That is because adapting to new things can be tough for big organizations. Change takes time which such companies can spare. But with a customizable inventory management system, companies can enjoy the key features of the system without any compromise.

The system will support both the management and the employees of the business and make it function more efficiently.

Key features to look for in an inventory management system

No matter if you run a big business or a small store, you can always benefit from using an inventory management system. This is because it will take the mystery out of managing your inventory. You will see every aspect of your inventory in detail which will help you make more informed decisions. To fully enjoy the perks of the systems the following features are necessary;

Central System

The inventory management system keeps track of all the information about the inventory, which is one of its most important jobs. A good inventory management system keeps track of how much of a product is in stock, how long it has been in stock and many other details about the product. 

One of the best things about the software for the inventory management system is that it works well with other parts of the system. This helps make sure that the inventory system works properly. A centralized system for managing inventory makes it easier for team members to work together and be more productive. So, people on the team who are in different places can talk to each other and work together.

Inventory Alert

The days of manual inventory control are over. Now, managers don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort keeping track of stock levels. A stock alert is a great part of a good inventory management system. In the alerts, the software notifies the manager about anything regarding the inventory.


Another great thing about the inventory management system is that it keeps people from making common mistakes. Handling data by hand can lead to human error, but scanning the barcode saves workers a lot of time. The barcoding feature cuts down on training sessions for employees and saves money. Usually, it takes a lot of work to write down the information about the products. By having barcodes and tags, the inventory management system has made it easier.


Using cloud-based inventory management software will help you cut down on data errors. Additionally, the data will be safely stored and can be used by any device to log in to the system, get data, and reports, do audits, and look at the history of stock movement.

Mobile system

Mobile apps on smartphones send information to back-office systems and central databases to speed up inventory processes at multiple locations. Using mobile devices makes it possible to track inventory in real time and get alerts and notifications right away.

Make your one EAM system with CloudApper

Every business is unique which is why every business needs its very own system. CloudApper provides its users with all the useful resources to make a powerful inventory management system. You will be able to manage inventory more efficiently and handle more sales orders 

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