Logistics companies move a lot of goods. They depend on transportation for their operations. That means they constantly need to know about the whereabouts of their assets. To remain competitive, they need to deliver their products quickly and in good condition. In this case, a remote asset tracking solution may help.

Keeping track of freight can be challenging. In some cases, there’s so much cargo that it falls off and is lost forever. Constant communication channels are essential for these businesses because if they lose or damage the assigned package, there can be significant repercussions. Attention to detail is vital for these businesses.

A lot of logistics companies dedicate staff to tracking and keeping records of the movements of containers. However, even with that investment, they still face difficulties from human error.

Common Challenges for Logistic Companies

Logistics companies are very hard to manage, often leading to overwork for managers who need to take care of their consignments. To maintain an effective supply chain, the jobs demand a lot from employees. Some of the challenges these companies face include:

High warehousing costs

All logistics companies have to worry about storage costs. Since they deal with a large variety of products daily, they need a lot of space to store their goods. With so much space not being used properly and costing them a lot of money, it is something that logistics companies always need to consider.

Large losses of goods

Flying cargo through the country, due to its high volume, has a high risk of losing goods. There is no proper system to monitor these goods, which means they could be easily stolen or go missing. The companies are solely bearing these costs while not being able to hold anyone accountable.

Damaged product

Unfortunately, the staff members may be careless with the products. This often occurs during delivery to a warehouse or final delivery to customers. Without inspection records, a company without actual data cannot prove the truth or falsehood of a claim.

Delayed delivery

The delivery process slows down if you’re following manual processes, and information only moves within departments. These factors contribute to delivery delays.

Record keeping

Employees don’t often think of record-keeping as a responsibility. It requires them to put in extra effort after finishing their work. This is why they are reluctant to maintain it properly. Lack of data often leads to mismanagement and bad decision-making.

How Remote Asset Tracking Solutions can Help Logistics Companies

Following the traditional methods is a bad idea because they are too outdated. Technology should be utilized to complete tasks that can be done easily. This will only make employees more positive and allow them to focus on research and analysis. Some of the ways a remote asset tracking solution can help logistics companies are:

  • Improve the supply chain

With a remote asset tracking solution in place, supply chain management becomes easier. You can track the number of goods, calculate storage time, and optimize your supply chain to reduce waste and increase profits.

  • Tracking goods

The system also provides real-time information about assets. This way, the equipment, and assets are better protected from being lost.

  • Accurate Database

You won’t need to waste any time keeping records within the system. The system makes it easy to update your revenue and income by automatically recording everything. Plus, the records will only be accessible to authorized personnel, so you’ll be sure to maintain a top-quality, accurate database.

  • Quick decision-making

The great thing about this system is that it provides a clear communication channel for the organization. Information can be passed down quickly because any staff member has access to data. This means that there’s no missing information, and the staff will have a clear understanding of their assigned tasks.

  • Promote compliance

Finally, the software will help the company with asset monitoring and management, which will in turn prompt your employees to be aware of what they’re doing. Your employees know that they can be held accountable for any error, which will lead them to follow a work process more responsibly.

CloudApper Asset Management Software for Logistic Companies

CloudApper has been working closely with industry experts to identify the needs of its clients. After doing extensive research, our team determined that asset tracking is a genuine issue for many industries. Logistics companies are not excluded from this; they’re one of the main contributors to our research.

We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with the pace of today’s market. The software we’ve developed, CloudApper Assets, takes care of this issue by providing innovative features that will make your work easier and more efficient. You’ll never lose your important assets again thanks to this solution.