The business landscape is changing rapidly. Companies need to adapt quickly. They are transitioning from manual to automated processes. As a result, they require additional equipment and machinery. 

Keeping track of all the assets and equipment can be challenging for any organization. Picture a corporation with thousands of equipment items that cannot determine which pieces are frequently utilized and where they are located. Obtaining all of this information can be very consuming, and records can occasionally contain several errors. Companies can achieve significant improvements by eliminating equipment idle time, improving traceability, and ensuring compliance with proper inventory control

Why is it Important to Track Equipment? 

Inventory is essential for all companies because it aids in income generation. As a result, it’s critical to keep merchandise safe and secure from idle time and misplacement. 

Idle time and misplaced inventory can be hazardous to a company’s operations since they can disrupt everyday operations, lowering productivity when production activity is not completed on time. It causes product delivery delays and might lead to consumer dissatisfaction. Above all, companies are losing their customers.  

A Need for a Quick Solution 

Many organizations are unaware of the location of their inventory. The employer doesn’t have proper knowledge of which equipment is most used and which is just sitting in the warehouse. One of the USA’s largest lawn-care providers, serving more than 2.3 million residential and commercial customers across 200 branches nationwide, struggled to keep track of their equipment and inventories like blowers, tillers, lawn blowers, aerator machines, sprayer machines, and tractors. They needed a better handle on their equipment’s location, condition, and serial numbers. 

They needed a solution fast, one that could be deployed quickly. CloudApper No-Code platform was the perfect answer. With the CloudApper Inventory app, users can track all their inventory and categorize any related activity related to the items. They can also add any necessary information. CloudApper Inventory application supports any bar code, QR code, or NFC tag. The inventory app can generate different QR codes so that every piece of equipment has a unique barcode. NFC tags are also very affordable and can easily stick to any machinery. 

 Users can access all of the information from their mobile devices and website. The application can be customized very easily without any programming. The application can be tailored to any specific organization’s need via a drag-and-drop editor. 

The lawn-care providers purchased and distributed equipment to branches nationwide. However, there was no proper documentation of which machinery was sent to which location and how much each machine cost. Users can easily add the site module and designate the assets to a particular site. With the inventory app, using the filter option, employees can only see the assets to a specific location. 

 The CloudApper inventory app offers the freedom to manage equipment from anywhere. View dashboards, access data, and perform asset management tasks from any Android or iOS device. Users can easily switch between the mobile app or website to access the data, adjust the quantity, and see the asset’s value. Inventory apps also have robust reporting, providing users with detailed reports of the assets. Data can be easily exported from their devices.  

About CloudApper 

CloudApper is a no-code enterprise application development platform used to create custom apps. It integrates with legacy and enterprise systems, enabling users to work more efficiently, even from their smartphones – contact us now to learn all about it.