Best OSHA Recordkeeping And Standards Compliance Software For Manufacturing Companies

Workplace accidents cost manufacturing companies around $1 billion per week, as they deal with higher incident reports, such as machine-related injuries, falls, and exposure to chemicals. With CloudApper Safety, manufacturers can better adhere to OSHA standards, properly record injuries and illnesses, and come up with preventive measures, thereby reducing workplace incidents.

Create A Risk-Free And

Osha Compliant Manufacturing Facility

Our OSHA recordkeeping software helps you remain up to code according to OSHA standards for manufacturing. Using CloudApper Safety, you can easily record injuries and illnesses, ensure thorough incident reporting, oversee training management, and much more – all from a smartphone!

Reduce Injuries & Illnesses

Manufacturing plants always need to be on the lookout for hazards and risks. CloudApper Safety enables your workers to report incidents with picture evidence, share effective workplace safety practices, and review safety guidelines using just their mobile devices, significantly reducing an employee’s exposure to potential accidents.

Enhance Productivity at Your Manufacturing Facility

Unaddressed risks and hazards lead to serious workplace accidents, reduced productivity, and lower quality products. CloudApper Safety reduces the likelihood of experiencing these pitfalls by helping to identify root causes and making it easier to build plans for corrective measures through the use of accurate safety data. It is a program built specifically to boost productivity and product quality.

Conduct Safety Inspections Effectively

Manufacturing facilities, with their hazards and heavy machinery, are hot spots for accidents, fatalities, and OSHA fines. The software in CloudApper Safety is made to help your team conduct workplace inspections proactively, initiate preventive actions for detected hazards, and send digitally completed audits to simplify compliance processes.

CloudApper Safety is an intuitive and easy-to-use software app for manufacturing firms, focused on improving workplace conditions and safety compliance.

Manage Multiple Facilities from a Single App

Most manufacturing companies have multiple facilities, plants, and offices, complicating OSHA compliance and recordkeeping for many businesses. CloudApper’s Safety application is versatile enough to be used for multiple facilities, as well as keep all of the safety data at your fingertips, which will end up saving a lot of time, money, and livelihoods!


Customize Your Recordkeeping

The manufacturing industry can be extremely diverse, as not all companies have the same equipment, requirements, or operations. Our OSHA recordkeeping software is highly customizable to fit your needs, irrespective of what they are, while remaining dedicated to helping you record incident, injuries, and illnesses effectively.

Conduct Manufacturing Workers’ Safety Training

OSHA knows how crucial training is to ensure worker safety, especially for manufacturing companies. CloudApper Safety’s training management module provides effective manufacturing safety training and documentation – helping schedule and monitor training sessions and allowing managers to keep up with evolving standards.

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CloudApper Safety protects your manufacturing company from OSHA citations through accurate workplace incident and illness recordkeeping and submissions of 300, 300A, & 301 forms.

Features of Our Workplace

Safety Compliance Management App


Compliance Obligations

Receive a clear and detailed overview of compliance obligations from a mobile device. Executives can easily remain informed about important safety information that impacts the business.


Incident Management

Streamline safety incident and accident reporting with proper OSHA recordkeeping for injury and illness to leverage preventive action tools and prevent similar incidents from happening again.


Knowledge Base

Stay updated on different regulation standards such as OSHA and ILO while enabling employees to quickly and easily share best practices to improve workplace safety.


Audit Management

Improve efficiency by enabling users to set, assign, edit, and keep all updated task information in one place.


Training Management

Create training courses, assign trainees, set training schedules on workplace safety compliance, and record training details effortlessly.


Web & Mobile App

Web and native mobile apps (Android and iOS) allow users to add, monitor and modify tasks that help with OSHA recordkeeping even on the go.


Robust Reporting

Build robust reports on regulations, training, implementation and many other data elements to ensure high levels of transparency and eliminate loopholes.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. CloudApper Safety is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investments.

Who Else Can Use

CloudApper Safety?

Transportation &

CloudApper Safety app allows employees to automate the incident reporting process, reducing the chance of human error while increasing efficiency and productivity. Warehouses often have a large footprint and the ability to access safety information at any time can have a positive impact on the company.

Oil, Gas, and
Mining Facility

Oil, Gas and Mining practices have sophisticated practices that require attentive safety oversight. CloudApper Safety enables these companies to improve safety and compliance standards, streamlining safety reporting and educating employees on the best safety practices.


Healthcare Facilities can implement CloudApper Safety app to improve safety through better incident reporting. Healthcare employees can log observations as they work to save time while avoiding double entries and errors in an environment that cannot afford to have many mistakes.


There are a lot of moving parts involved in construction that can open the environment to many potential safety hazards. CloudApper Safety makes it easy to improve safety across construction sites, such as safety management and incident reporting. All tasks can be done through the app on a smartphone or tablet.

Schools, Colleges &

Make schools, campuses and colleges safer with CloudApper Safety by empowering users to log incidents and accidents from their smartphone. Compliance teams can also perform routine audits to make sure that the correct policies are being followed, mitigating the risks involved with workplace hazards.

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