Best OSHA Compliance Management & Safety Software for Oil, Gas, and Mining Facilities

The oil and gas industry is quickly developing due to horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF).
Occupational deaths in this industry, however, are 2.5 times higher than in construction and 7 times higher than in other industries. CloudApper Safety helps with OSHA compliance by recording injuries and illnesses and reducing workplace injuries, ensuring that your company is always in proper compliance.

Create A Secure Working Environment

For Your Employees

Compliance is considered a huge burden for oil, gas, and mining facilities, due to the diverse OSHA rules and regulations. However, our advanced OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping software simplifies workplace safety compliance management, assures training supervision, and decreases workplace injuries, ensuring that your facility meets OSHA regulations for oil, gas, and mining workers.

Avoid Injuries and Illnesses

CloudApper Safety allows oil, gas and mining facilities to protect workers from hazardous and emergency situations. It allows prompt reporting of safety risks instantly using smart phones, which accelerates response time to take enough precautions against accidents and injuries.

Simplify OSHA Recordkeeping

CloudApper Safety makes OSHA recordkeeping easier by allowing workers to immediately report occurrences and attach images from their mobile devices. Managers can then inspect, verify, and record the data in accordance with OSHA rules for oil, gas, and mining facilities.

Lower the Risks of Non-compliance

CloudApper Safety ensures proper training management, incident and accident management, improves the quality of an informative knowledge base, and enhances worker safety by supporting them in sharing best workplace safety practices while minimizing administrative burden.

CloudApper Safety is a highly scalable solution which helps to mitigate operational risk by keeping workers & communities safe, avoiding regulatory fines and simplifying OSHA recordkeeping for injury and illness reporting.

Make OSHA 300, 300A, 301 Reporting Easier

Occupational injuries and illnesses must be documented on the OSHA 300 Log and the OSHA 301 Injury and Illness Incident Report. To avoid penalties, employers must post an updated summary of this information (OSHA Form 300A) in the workplace. CloudApper Safety makes it easy to complete OSHA 301 incident reports right in the app and also fill in digital forms as entries to your OSHA 300 Log. With CloudApper Safety, all of your OSHA 301 forms are only a few clicks away, making your OSHA 300 log easier than ever to complete.


Make Incident Reporting Easier

Oil, gas, and mining facilities are high-risk areas where many incidents, including fatalities, have occurred. CloudApper Safety provides a simple way to record details about a workplace injury or a job site accident, using a smartphone or tablet. The solution includes powerful desktop tools and dashboards for incident management that will make your incident reporting quicker and more consistent.

Conduct OSHA Safety Training

OSHA understands how essential training is for ensuring worker safety, and it is even more necessary in oil, gas, and mining facilities, where lives might be at stake. CloudApper Safety ensures proper safety training management for workers and facilitates in documenting the training sessions in accordance with OSHA regulations. It contributes to the prevention of accidents, keeps track of training efforts, and analyzes your compliance with OSHA requirements.

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Features of Our Workplace

Safety Compliance Management App


Compliance Obligations

Receive a clear and detailed overview of compliance obligations from a mobile device. Executives can easily remain informed about important safety information that impacts the business.


Incident Management

Streamline safety incident and accident reporting with proper OSHA recordkeeping for injury and illness to leverage preventive action tools and prevent similar incidents from happening again.


Knowledge Base

Stay updated on different regulation standards such as OSHA and ILO while enabling employees to quickly and easily share best practices to improve workplace safety.


Audit Management

Improve efficiency by enabling users to set, assign, edit, and keep all updated task information in one place.


Training Management

Create training courses, assign trainees, set training schedules on workplace safety compliance, and record training details effortlessly.


Web & Mobile App

Web and native mobile apps (Android and iOS) allow users to add, monitor and modify tasks that help with OSHA recordkeeping even on the go.


Robust Reporting

Build robust reports on regulations, training, implementation and many other data elements to ensure high levels of transparency and eliminate loopholes.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. CloudApper Safety is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investments.

Who Else Can Use

CloudApper Safety?

Transportation &

CloudApper Safety app allows employees to automate the incident reporting process, reducing the chance of human error while increasing efficiency and productivity. Warehouses often have a large footprint and the ability to access safety information at any time can have a positive impact on the company.


There are a lot of moving parts involved in construction that can open the environment to many potential safety hazards. CloudApper Safety makes it easy to improve safety across construction sites, such as safety management and incident reporting. All tasks can be done through the app on a smartphone or tablet.


Healthcare Facilities can implement CloudApper Safety app to improve safety through better incident reporting. Healthcare employees can log observations as they work to save time while avoiding double entries and errors in an environment that cannot afford to have many mistakes.

Manufacturing &
Energy Plants

Manufacturing and Energy plants are often vulnerable to hazardous situations due to the heavy machinery being operated and the dangerous materials being used. CloudApper Safety allows companies to reduce the chance of accidents in these environments and increase operational safety standards.

Schools, Colleges &

Make schools, campuses and colleges safer with CloudApper Safety by empowering users to log incidents and accidents from their smartphone. Compliance teams can also perform routine audits to make sure that the correct policies are being followed, mitigating the risks involved with workplace hazards.

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