In response to the changes presented by COVID-19 many of the companies have let their employees work remotely. Though a quarter of the U.S. employees are already working from home for a part of their office time, many employees and their managers are now working out of the office and physically far from each other for the first time. In such a scenario, employers have to be creative and apply new ideas to help their employees be as productive in the remote location as they would be in the office. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the most creative ideas that will help to know how to boost productivity.

Invest in remote team monitoring software

Remote employee monitoring software is helpful to monitor employee’s activity. Managements need to use this software to ensure that the employees are working. It helps to indicate employees’ work engagement and time wastage during the work schedule. It is useful to detect unproductive employees, managers can indicate unproductive employees and ask them to be more serious about their job. Even if there’s an outcome of major employee unproductivity, then the management can have a discussion with all employees to decide what has to be done to improve everyone’s’ performance.

This is necessary to make employees attentive to work, as they will be concerned about being monitored on the job and will try their best to provide better productivity.

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Establish quarterly goals

Assigning quarter-based tasks can help remote employees to stay on task all the time. This way, employees may exceed the expected level of performance some days, and other days the performance could be lower- and that is expected. The main factor is that employees have to be always concerned about what the company is expecting from them. They have to understand their job structure and goals, which will help to prevent any confusion that may arise in not meeting with higher management from time to time.

Hold video conferences

Video meetings can help employees be more productive, as isolation can be a major problem for many remote workers. People can miss a certain level of behavioral detail in text communication, but video conferences can help to connect with the remote workforce in the best way.

Talking freely can help to build a solid working relationship with remote workers, and can also make ways for asking questions and discussing challenges. People can choose from a lot of video conference software to schedule such meetings. 

Communicate with remote workers every day

Organizations often have plans for switching employees from office to office. If it does not hamper their performance, then working from home can bring better performance too. People become creative when they have to complete a certain part of their job from home in emergency cases. People come up with unique ideas in those cases to maintain productivity and to stay home at the same time. If it’s possible, then certainly they can use those ideas to work as a remote employee and be productive at the same time. Using CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software should be a great idea for them. It’s affordable, efficient for monitoring employee engagement and it helps to detect employee productivity levels. Managements can easily get a robust insight into employee activities and take actions to make them more attentive. So contact us if you need any details and let us know your queries.