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Facility Management and QR Codes


QR codes allow mobile devices to access crucial data. Adding a QR code to your facility management assets, will ensure rapid access to the facility management software maintenance page. This enables technicians to retrieve their maintenance orders and building occupants can request straight from the maintenance page.

How are QR Codes used in Facility Management?

Using the camera from your tablet or smartphone, just scan the QR Code. You can then follow and control your assets instantly.

You can track the location of your assets, plus other data e.g., maintenance timetables, equipment condition and service revisions. By using a QR code you enable asset tracking software to unite asset tags.

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What is a QR Code?

QR is an acronym for “Quick Response” which relates to the coded information being immediately accessed, when scanned. QR Codes hold large volumes of information regardless of how they appear.

Advantages of QR Codes in Facility Management

Company benefits includes great returns on investments and viable daily resources.

Rapid Asset Identification

In facility asset management QR Codes are used to fast-track practices, detect assets and rapidly revise records.

Submitting Maintenance Requests

If maintenance is required, a request can be presented by scanning the QR Code. This generates an email verification, which confirms the request has been received and is being managed. QR Codes also assist others who use your services daily and staff, enabling them to be respected, essential members of the facility maintenance team.

Centralized Management of Facility Information

QR codes allow the centralization of all maintenance requests to one computer program, which can be monitored. Documenting phone calls, verbal or written maintenance requests are no longer necessary, as technicians can retrieve and fulfil their work instructions instantaneously.

The use of QR Codes removes the requirement to trace the essential asset and update spreadsheets manually. By quickly scanning an asset, you can observe and revise it as needed. Other bonuses include the ability to supplement additional maintenance concerns, observe asset reports, such as user guidelines, and during onboarding, the use of asset reviews.

In conclusion, QR Codes are exceptionally advantageous to expanding Facility Management procedures for Asset Management.

If you are searching for a facility management solution, which creates QR Codes for continuous asset management, CloudApper Facilities is the answer!

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