There are hundreds of different FM software options on the market today, and many of them make big claims about making FM procedures easier and ending the confusion. It’s hard to choose between them, and it’s easy to make the wrong choice based on money or false claims of extra features.

Additionally, too many FMs have already suffered CAFM’s downsides—complex, extensive systems that cost tens of thousands of pounds to install and take months to complete. They could have seen projects that didn’t work and cost a lot of money. Because of a bad project, they could have seen an FM team lose money and power.

Given all of this, preserving the status quo could seem simpler than dealing with the expense and inconvenience of a failed installation.

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It’s too hard.

It could take months to set up and train people on expensive, technologically complex systems. Even though they claim to make working with IoT connectivity and AI applications easier, they may make delivery times longer and make you less flexible.


Big-ticket items might need more flexibility to deal with your business problems. There’s a chance that a big, international software company might not want to change how their systems work to please one customer.

No Assistance

Smaller, more do-it-yourself solutions, on the other hand, sometimes only offer a software program, a monthly subscription, and not much else in the way of help.

Uneasy to Use

Usability could be a big problem when getting CAFM software used internally. Many products put features and functions ahead of how the user feels (user experience). A CAFM interface shouldn’t require a lot of training, just like Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn don’t.

The news is good!!

But CAFM systems are getting better. New systems, like CloudApper Facilities are coming out on the market to make their systems easier to learn and use. The focus of these systems is on user interfaces and mobile technologies.

They help businesses get involved in their whole supply chain and corporate operations so they can get the best and most accurate data for performance optimization.

Spend money on what’s important.

So how do you pick a CAFM system that will quickly meet your most important FM needs and give you a quick return on your investment?

How can you sort through all the options and figure out which ones will really help your bottom line?

How can a system be set up that everyone in the company can support and use to their advantage with as little trouble as possible?

Get started by contacting CloudApper. We can quickly adapt our Facilities application to your precise business requirements.