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Rob Jones | Posted on November 2, 2022 / in Fleet Management / 692 views

Why is a fleet tracking system necessary for car rental companies?


When running a car rental company, tracking vehicles constantly is necessary. The reason for that is that many factors must be checked regularly, as a simple miscommunication can hinder the whole process of business. Hence, our fleet tracking system can come in particularly handy for such companies. It will help keep track of any vehicle-related data, which will contribute to better decision-making.

Factors to consider in implementing a fleet tracking system

Here are some factors that fleet businesses can consider to keep track of the simulation business process.

Vehicle record

In the fleet business, vehicles are considered the most important assets. The CloudAppper Fleet app allows you to track the total number of vehicles, along with their locations and functionalities, which can really give the business an edge over competitors. The company can then keep track of when a vehicle finishes its job, what accidents it has been in, and a lot more.

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Live Location Tracking

By simply integrating the CloudApper Fleet app with Wialon, companies can easily track the live locations of their vehicles. These two platforms provide companies with the best combination of IoT and cloud-based technology to track locations remotely. With this feature, the managers can supervise the whole trip from beginning to end.

This will help identify the driver’s job behavior as the delay time, pickup point break, and stoppages can be seen in real-time. The user can even set checkpoints along the way to see how well the drivers are doing.

Driver record

A driver does not always drive the attributed vehicle, as it depends on its availability. So, just enter the information about the driver’s schedules into the app. It will help you keep track of drivers’ histories, like a list of vehicles given to each driver by date.

Allocation of resources

Due to mismanagement, a company can lose business. However, if a company can track its vehicles, it will be able to better utilize its resources. It can optimize each vehicle’s route and process as per its needs and become more efficient.

Manual tracking vs. Fleet tracking systems

Due to technological advancements, something that was unimaginable before can now be easily achieved. Additionally, businesses have become very competitive nowadays. Therefore, they should innovate their processes to keep up with competitors.

Thanks to our Fleet app, you can now easily monitor things that were next to impossible before. This will eliminate some of the major disadvantages that most companies face. Those include:

Delayed decision-making

Manually, it takes a lot of time to pull records, and when records are finally assembled, it takes more time to organize and extract valuable information from them. This slows down the entire decision-making process and frequently leads to poor decisions. Luckily, our app for managing fleets features an interactive dashboard that makes it easy for users to find any data.

Loss of records

Storing and pulling data can be instantaneous with our app. Digital data storage is always better than keeping hard copies, as those often get lost or wear out with time, and losing valuable data can prove to be very harmful to companies. If processes are manual, it might encourage unethical activities since it is hard to track.

Unmonitored Vehicle Movement

The live location tracking feature helps you determine a more effective route. When vehicles are moving without track, there is a high possibility of violating company policies. The drivers might not follow the best paths. In case of an accident, the damage might not be recorded. Furthermore, the repair or maintenance process of the vehicles might be hindered.

Manage your business with the tip of your fingers with CloudApper 

Given all these situations, a fleet tracking system is crucial for companies. It will give them a competitive advantage over others on the market. Working hard is not always the best solution; try working smart with the CloudApper Fleet app. It helps businesses exercise processes more efficiently. It is the one-stop solution for all fleet companies.

CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon


CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon

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