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Personalize your fleet management mobile app with zero coding skills

no-code fleet management app

Fleet management heavily depends on manpower. It is the norm that all tasks in the operation will be completed manually. Here, introducing a fleet management mobile app has to be complemented by hiring tech-savvy employees. Many companies procrastinate this process because of this, along with some other vital factors.

Keeping that in mind, CloudApper has introduced the perfect app. It is a foolproof app that counters any displeasing factor for the company. With this app, companies can customize their own app without knowledge of app development. It is so simple that any employee can customize and run this app without any difficulties.

The factors to consider

Companies want to maximize profits while using the fewest resources possible. That is the ideal situation for any company. Efficiency is the key. Time is of the essence in managing a fleet. If their current method is not malfunctioning, most companies often prefer not to make any changes. Here are some of the factors that play a key role:

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Swelling Expenses

Fleet management does not traditionally require an IT team to support it. The companies themselves might not have tech-savvy employees. Therefore, integrating fleet management software might require the company to hire additional tech experts.

Investment in Infrastructure

The system might require additional hardware to be installed, along with the setup charge for the hardware. This will cost the company money and time, which most companies are hesitant to invest.

Time Wasted

The company’s working hours might be affected as the new system will take time to integrate. The employees will need to be trained, and they will be confused about the new process, the time it takes to set up, etc., which will make the operations less efficient.

Easing Workload

Due to the factors listed above, companies wait for the time when the workload is less. They wait for the time of the year when business is slow so they can utilize the time to set up the system. However, due to delays, it is pushed further along the way, and the ideal is never found. This deprives the company of the advantages the system has to offer.

Advantages of a code-free fleet management system | CloudApper Fleet

The code-free fleet management system is the perfect solution for all the concerning factors. It will bring benefits for the company without disrupting its working hours. Some of the advantages are:

No tech expert needed

Code-free apps are easy to use, which is why a simple support team from the vendor is sufficient for them to be implemented. The budget for an expert is saved. CloudApper’s customer support teams provide all the necessary support to its customers, eliminating the need for an expert.

Zero investment in infrastructure

The fleet management software requires no additional hardware. Simply subscribe to the platform and download the application on your device. The data will be stored in the cloud, so the risk of losing data is close to zero.

It’s simple to use

Anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can easily use the fleet application. There will be no intensive training needed. The fleet app is made to be used by the general public, so it is very user-friendly and will cater to all the possible requirements.

Speeding up work

Automating the workflow is always a good idea. The fleet manager will simply assign tasks through the system, and the driver or technician will be notified of the task. After successful completion, the manager will be notified. The whole process will be at the tips of your fingers. 

CloudApper Fleet can help you create your app.

Web application development needs years of training and experience. Companies put aside a huge budget for the experts to support them with their systems. Imagine if things were simpler and anyone could make apps.

With CloudApper, it is now possible. You can design, develop, and customize your fleet management mobile app without any technical skill. It is that simple, like no other. Try it yourself by contacting us now.

CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon


CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon

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