Companies are constantly searching for new ways to become more efficient and streamline processes. To increase efficiency, companies have begun to turn to digitization. As digitization becomes common practice within companies, we have to take a look at what it is. Digitization is a process where information is converted into a digital format. Once the information has been converted it is then leveraged by a company through a process called digitalization. 

Now that we understand what digitalization is, we can understand why so many companies are beginning to adopt the process. However, there are still some concerns around the process of selecting a platform to assist your company in digitizing business processes. 

To dispel any myths around digitization, we will look at, and compare, two platforms that can assist in this process – CloudApper, and Kissflow.

What is CloudApper

CloudApper is a no-code mobile enterprise platform. The platform provides customers with the ability to automate and digitize business processes through their range of solutions. CloudApper also enables customers to create their own applications so that they can digitize processes unique to their business.

What is Kissflow

Kissflow believes that companies should focus on key tasks rather than unimportant and time-consuming ones. Therefore, they have Kissflow Digital Workplace. The platform enables companies to digitize, coordinate, and control business processes. The Kissflow digital platform can conduct broad functions and digitize several processes.

Key Considerations

We can now begin to compare the systems and come to a conclusion about which solution would be more suitable for your company.


A company’s budget, and the cost of a system, should be among the first points taken into consideration when a business looks for a system to automate processes. With software pricing ranging from hundreds to thousands per month, it is crucial to ensure that your company can afford the chosen system. 

CloudApper uses a subscription payment method at $10 per user per month for a license. With this license, users can gain access to all of CloudApper’s solutions, such as Facilities, CRM, and CMMS. A minimum user number is not required, making this payment method ideal for small businesses. 

Kissflow also uses a subscription-based payment method that costs $9 per user per month for the standard edition. However, there must be a minimum of 9 users. This makes the payment plan ideal for medium and large enterprises.  


When selecting a software solution for the present, you must take into account the future. Systems and solutions should grow with your company rather than having to be replaced later because they cannot fulfill the growing demands of your business. 

CloudApper ensures that several users can be provided with accessibility to a system by purchasing a license. There is no limit to the number of users a company is allowed to have on its system. Kissflow also enables an unlimited number of users on a system. Therefore, both of the systems are scalable and upgradable, as they grow alongside a company.

Ease of Use

The aim of automating and digitizing processes is to reduce the workload. This will then provide employees with the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their job. If a system is too complex for an employee to operate, then it defeats the purpose of using it. 

CloudApper has an intuitive user interface that simplifies the navigation process. Upon registering and acquiring a license, companies will also be provided with a tutorial and a demo video, ensuring that all users of the system understand how to use it to the best of their ability. 

Kissflow also provides a user guide for employees who choose the system, ensuring a smooth transition when digitizing business processes, and a short learning curve.

Mobile Operability

While not too long ago mobile operability was not considered a key consideration, the flexibility it provides to employees means that its importance is increasing. Digitalization of processes means that digital information is being leveraged. This can be done through a system at a workstation. However, by providing employees with the flexibility to conduct these duties on their mobile device or smartphone, their efficiency will be increased. 

CloudApper ensures that the mobile operability of all of the solutions is available both on Android and IOS. Kissflow also provides a mobile application that is available on both operation systems.

Summary and Conclusion 

Cloud-Base ArchitectureYesYes
Free Trial Period14 Days14 Days
Pricing$10 Per user per monthAdvanced package $9.90 per user per month
User LimitUnlimited20 – 100 on the Advanced package

Considering the points listed above, we can see that both CloudApper and Kissflow provide similar functions and features that assist in digitization and data automation. While both of these systems can be very advantageous for businesses, CloudApper does not require a minimum number of licensed users. This will make it an ideal option for smaller companies.