CEOs are continuously considering ways to automate business processes to boost efficiency while also focusing on emerging tasks and technologies that might help promote enterprise innovation. The pandemic pushed regular businesses to rethink their operations in order to survive. Business processes must be faster, more secure, and easier to execute as we emerge from the pandemic with a hybrid approach to work. Additionally, they must permit higher growth than ever before. IT managers, administrators, and chief information officers must all continue to make technology selections that benefit the enterprise’s employees and customers.

CloudApper Can Help 

CloudApper is a no-code app creation platform that makes it insanely easy for users to make enterprise apps that improve employee productivity. The key benefit of CloudApper is that no coding is required to develop these applications. This means that anybody can create the applications they need for their business. For years, CloudApper no-code platform has helped leading organizations in business, healthcare, government, and other management to increase productivity.

CloudApper Top Applications For Business 

Let’s face it; we’re in an era where many IT departments are being asked to ensure dependable, flexible, and secure business processes. To help businesses, CloudApper offers several applications that can help them to gain a competitive advantage. Let’s look into some of the top applications from Cloudapper.


RightPunch is a UKG time capture app that runs on off-the-shelf (OTS) iOS or Android devices. Employees simply scan a QR code or take their picture and identify with our biometric face system to submit punches. RightPunch integrates directly with UKG to provide a low-cost and hygienic time capture experience.RightPunch is the cost-effective employee time-capturing alternative for UKG. With RightPunch, your company can save on time capture hardware installation and plastic ID badge fees.

CloudApper CMMS 

CMMS is a mobile and cloud application that simplifies the management of enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory, work order routing and reporting. The solution helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time visibility into the status of their assets and maintenance plans. Manage maintenance data over multiple work locations easily with CMMS. Users can access all information through the mobile or web app for real-time visibility.


SalesQ helps enterprises track the activities of field sales reps, such as their daily movements and tasks, visit details, meeting times, and sales orders that they have created. SalesQ helps improve employee engagement through the increase in accountability. Geo-fencing enables you to monitor the real-time movements of your field sales reps in the market. This powerful mobile application allows users to access SalesQ while in the field and enables real-time knowledge sharing between reps and managers.


CloudApper Facilities is a powerful mobile and web-based application that ensures the simplification of your work facility, asset and maintenance management. With Facility Manager, you are able to access all needed data about any facility operations from a single platform. You can stay up to date with all operations by easily accessing data, building plans and policies from your mobile device. This application allows you to monitor all operations and reduce any safety hazards through the efficient inspection of all facilities. By monitoring all operations, you can ensure that you are always in compliance with facility compliance regulations.

Hospital Rounding 

CloudApper Rounding is an intuitive, simple, and versatile app that empowers mobile devices for modern healthcare providers. With CloudApper, you can say goodbye to pen and paper rounding and save your hospital time, money, and stress. Rounding can also integrate with your EHR/EMR and other enterprise systems so employees can easily access and update data right from their mobile devices. You can even fully customize apps like Rounding with no coding! CloudApper Rounding supports barcode/QR code or NFC scanning from mobile devices, enabling you to capture location automatically, in/out times, and patient data with a simple scan!


With the fast-paced evolution of technology and an increasingly competitive business environment, firms are finding it practically hard to succeed without leveraging the web and mobile applications. It is past time for enterprises to abandon their reliance on developers to construct their apps. If CloudApper’s no-code platform sounds appealing, and you’d like to learn more, reach out to us.