Android applications are an essential aspect of daily company operations in the modern world. They are the fastest approach to getting everyone on the same page because everyone has a smartphone or tablet available. Indeed, there are applications for everything out there, including an android app for facility management.

An app for facilities management(FM) becomes increasingly important as your business grows, and everyone in your company can benefit from it. If you’re looking for information and resources, an FM app is there for you when you need it. This is why a facilities management android app is so critical to a company‚Äôs success.

The Ability To Access Personnel Data While on the Go

The company directory is a must-have on any facility management app. A well-maintained employee directory provides immediate access to all employees, and an android phone’s capabilities are made considerably greater.

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  • Access to phone numbers and extensions for each employee
  • Integration with point-to-point instructions through wayfinding
  • Click-to-email buttons are available for quick emailing or calendar invitations.
  • The use of a messaging app or a social media platform for instant communication

When employees aren’t at their offices, they may easily access the business directory via their mobile devices. It’s also clear where individuals sit and what they’re doing.

Tie-Ins to Navigation

Larger companies with several sites or campuses benefit from mobile wayfinding. Wayfinding integrations are a key feature of the top facility management software.

  • Step-by-step directions from A to B to a specific location
  • Using facility maps and layouts to understand the place better
  • Administrators can provide directions to users by tying in with the system
  • Information assisting visitors in locating exits, bathrooms, and other necessities

People who require immediate information about where they are or where they’re going in a facility need wayfinding tie-ins.

Push Notifications and Updates Are Also Available

Push notifications and updates are a standard feature of any facility management android app. Admins can communicate with groups of users or even the entire firm using these channels.

  • Real-time alerts and notifications for emergencies
  • Employee communication is made easier with the use of text message notifications
  • Admins can push directory updates to the whole user base
  • Group-targeted notifications on upcoming events, meetings, or space reservations

Having facility management software that acts as an extension of the physical space is a necessity. People need to be connected to their job by clear and succinct warnings about variables influencing their capacity to do their duties.

Service Requests Can Be Created on the Fly

The ability to send support requests in real-time helps assist facility maintenance. When staff isn’t at their workstations, problems can happen. An app simplifies service and guarantees that issues are not neglected or ignored.

  • Send support tickets with only a few clicks of the mouse
  • Attach a map or location to a support ticket for the sake of clarity
  • Access a camera to document issues and ensure transparency
  • Locate information about each employee’s unique identification, making it easier to track them down

It’s like having a virtual maintenance crew working for you. You can obtain faster, more accurate responses from site managers or maintenance crews by simply emailing an image and a brief note to the appropriate party.

On-Demand Access to Company Information

People will have questions regarding the facilities they’re in, whether they’re long-term workers or first-time guests. Is there a restroom nearby? The accounting department is located on what floor? Who is the Personnel Director? Everyone would benefit from an Android app that can answer these queries at any moment.

  • Access to location information for all of the facility’s amenities
  • Information about employees that may be seen by the general public
  • Information detailing how and where to evacuate in case of an emergency
  • An easy-to-navigate list of company-related resources and support

A facility management Android app should fill in the various gaps between employees and the workplace when they aren’t actively using it. Using an Android app, users may access a variety of capabilities, including navigation, support tickets, directory access, bookings, and more. Because of the app, employees can get the most out of their work environment.