It is likely that all of the employees in your business have a smartphone. These ubiquitous devices powerful tools. Everybody has at least one smartphone, therefore mobile applications are increasing in popularity. This is happening globally, not just in larger corporations. Many small and medium enterprises have been creating and implementing mobile applications to improve their customer experience and increase efficiency.

Mobile Application Benefits

Increased customer satisfaction is not the only reason why mobile applications are increasing in popularity. We will look at the benefits mobile applications provide to businesses to further understand why they are in such high demand.

Increased Revenue

Mobile applications are easy to use and efficient. This means that employees can now attend to and take action on tasks through their mobile application, such as assigning orders, leading to increased revenue. 

The ease of use does not only benefit employees but customers too. For example, if your business is a hair salon, you can create a mobile application that will allow customers to book their own appointments.

Providing these simplified options for both employees and customers will increase revenue by optimizing your business. 

Increased Brand Awareness

An often-overlooked benefit of creating an application for your business is the increase and reinforcement of brand awareness. An application is always visible on your customer’s phone, constantly scrolled past and regularly used. Through these actions, your business’s brand is reinforced in the mind of your customers through passive means.

Problems with Creating a Mobile Application

With an understanding of the benefits of a mobile application, you may be wondering why so few companies attempt to build one. In an attempt to build mobile applications many companies run into the following challenges.

Lack of Skilled Mobile Developers

Part of the reason why hiring a developer is expensive is due to the scarcity of available skilled mobile developers. This shortage of skilled mobile application developers means that they are typically not available to small and medium-sized enterprises. With this resource not being readily available, many companies cannot build their mobile application. 


The biggest challenge faced by small and medium companies is the cost. Building a mobile application can be costly, especially for small and medium enterprises. The cost of hiring a developer with experience in creating mobile applications can be quite high and this puts off a lot of smaller companies.  


In the current dynamic business, environment, speed is of vital importance. In the event where a company wants to create a mobile application, they are required to source a mobile app developer. They must then communicate their requirements and undergo several trials and testing phases. All of these phases can take months, and this is time companies simply cannot afford to spend waiting.

How to Easily Build a Mobile Application

Taking into account the benefits of a mobile application, as well as the challenges companies face when developing one, may leave your company discouraged. However, there is a way that companies can easily create mobile applications to meet their business’s requirements – No-code platforms. 

Previously applications had to be written using many lines of code. However, it is now possible to develop an application without having to write a single line of code. No-code platforms, such as CloudApper, use a graphic interface where modules can be dragged and dropped into the template. This means that mobile applications can be created through a simple step-by-step process without a single line of code needing to be written by the user.  

The benefit of the no-code platform is that now anybody can create an application. Your business no longer requires a mobile application developer to create an application for your business. Now your own employees can effortlessly create an application internally. CloudApper provides instructional videos and an intuitive interface so that the first steps in building your business’s mobile application are trouble-free. 

The high cost was previously a major factor for companies who wanted to build their own mobile application. With CloudApper companies pay $10 per user per month. For this low price, users can gain access to the no-code platform application builder. As well as several prebuilt applications such as the computer-aided facility management platform and the customer relationship management system. Creating mobile applications has never been easier or more cost-effective. It is also important to note that your company no longer needs to outsource a mobile developer if you don’t have one on staff or rely on your IT department. 


The good news is that as more companies are creating their own mobile applications to better serve their customers, the ability to do so has become much easier. With CloudApper your company can now build an application without facing the challenges that previously made the task significantly more difficult. Contact us now and easily build a mobile app for your business.