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Shayur Maharaj | Posted on January 25, 2022 / in No-Code Platform / 1080 views

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Mobile ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are vital for companies operating in the modern business environment. Efficiency in the digital landscape remains a priority for many companies, and without an ERP system, it is not easy to stay competitive and efficient. 

However, it is common for many companies to become complacent about an ERP system. It is important to note that there is a difference between effectiveness and efficiency. In the current landscape, where several employees work with flexible schedules or remotely, a legacy ERP system will not suffice.

Mobile ERP

So what are the other options available for a company to use to help it adapt to the current business environment? The answer is simple:, a mobile ERP solution. 

In fact, with many employees already owning a smartphone, the solution is not as radical as some companies expect. Simply put, a mobile ERP solution, like other ERP solutions, is a digital platform for companies to conduct various business operations. 

However, the key benefit is accessibility. With a smartphone, employees always have access to information and the ability to execute tasks. Assigning a work order or purchasing extra inventory to ensure continued operations are two such tasks. The accessibility provided by a mobile ERP leads to increased operational efficiency.

As previously stated, several employees now work according to flexible schedules. With increased accessibility through a mobile ERP system, your company can ensure that this will not hinder employee efficiency. 

So with an understanding of what a mobile ERP is and what it can do, we have to look at what characteristics your company should look for when selecting a mobile ERP system.

Android and iOS Operability 

This may seem like an obvious requirement, but it is important to note that employees will have different types of smartphones in large companies. These phones likely fall into one of the two following categories – Android and iOS. Therefore, ensuring the operability of these systems is vital for a smooth implementation.


The more users have access to an ERP system, the more chances for a security breach or data leak. ERP systems house crucial and confidential business information. Therefore it is vital that the system selected is extremely secure.

Real-Time Accessibility

With accessibility being a key benefit of a mobile ERP, it must occur in real-time, whether for editing or uploading documents. Accessibility to accurate, up-to-date information is vital.


No matter the size of your business, the likelihood is that several employees will require access to the platform. A cost-effective, mobile ERP solution is vital for your company’s financial health and employee effectiveness.

Push Notification Capability

With several notifications coming through your phone frequently, your mobile ERP system must have this ability. Why? Because employees do not have the time to always be on their phones.  With push notifications, they can be notified when required and attend to their responsibilities. This means that with push notifications, employees will never miss an urgent request.

Integration Abilities

If your company already has a legacy system in place, your ERP system must have the ability to integrate with your current system. This way, your company can avoid migrating data, and your new mobile ERP system can supplement your company’s current system while gaining access to the information stored.


Looking for a mobile ERP solution can be complicated. However, by considering the following key requirements, your company will be able to find an ERP system to suit its needs. 

Alternatively, you can try CloudApper. With CloudApper, you have a cost-effective mobile ERP system for only $10 per user per month. CloudApper is a secure, customizable ERP system that easily integrates with many of the current legacy systems companies use. 
Finding the right mobile ERP system for your needs is crucial.

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