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Matthew Bennett | Posted on April 23, 2021 / in No-Code Platform / 1996 views

How Can You Get The Most From Your ERP Software Investment?

Before you decide to deploy an ERP solution, let’s take a look at a more flexible and affordable alternative – CloudApper! We have put together some of the reasons why choosing this No-Code Platform Over ERP Software might be a more effective decision for your organization.


ERP software platforms combine several business-critical software modules into a single interface to help organizations address challenges and scale their operations. These solutions empower decision-makers to accelerate their business by effectively using available resources and systems. ERP software assists them with improved business insights, risk mitigation, enhanced sync between different departments, and optimized customer and partner relationship management. All of this usefulness, however, comes at a price, and many ERPs lack adequate mobile functionality. So, as you are considering ways to get the most out of your ERP software investment, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why using a no-code platform like CloudApper might be a smart decision.

1. ERP Software Is Expensive

Most ERP software is expensive to deploy and maintain. For example, a single license for ERP software, like SAP or Sage, can cost you thousands of dollars. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real pressure an ERP software puts on your budget is seen during installation, implementation, configuration, and deployment. Each of these steps involves spending large sums of money, due to factors like physical infrastructure, vendor fees, and consultancy fees, human resource cost, and more. So, when you are looking to get more value from your ERP software by enabling employees to access data from their mobile devices, the cost to do so is very important. Luckily, at only $10/user/month, CloudApper is a very affordable way to integrate with your ERP system, enable data access from mobile devices, and improve employee productivity.

2. ERP Software Is Complicated

Typical pre-developed software can be quite easy to install with just a few clicks, and cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solutions are even easier to get started with. But ERP software can be complex and intricate from the get-go. Installation and initial configuration can be time-consuming and then users need to be trained. This makes sense since ERP software solutions have their own proprietary set of technical specifications, user interfaces, and workflows to understand. For example, SAP, one of the most popular ERP software platforms, has its own programming language called ABAP. This can make it hard for employees with limited technical knowledge to immediately get used to it, let alone start to work on customizing it. Before you even realize it, months will easily pass by in getting it to a baseline operational state. Further tailoring these systems to meet your unique needs, especially on the mobile side, can be a daunting and prolonged task.

3. Barriers to Customization

Each organization has its unique business processes and day-to-day operations. It might come as a surprise that baseline ERP software packages typically includes generic features and customizing these solutions to meet the exact requirements of your organization can be extremely difficult. This is mainly because the ERP’s architecture can’t be easily manipulated. Customizing it requires highly skilled and specialized software architect expertise, and even after that, the final result might take months to achieve. However, the CloudApper no-code platform enables users with zero technical knowledge to easily create and customize app modules that can integrate with your ERP system. This affordable method to simplify the mobile extension of your ERP software can supercharge productivity while saving precious time and money.

4. Lack of Mobile Capabilities

ERP systems can be complex, back-end behemoths, so it makes sense that this is where development has been focused over the years. However, we are on a mission to help companies modernize by enabling employees to work entirely from a mobile device. To achieve this, you obviously need a strong mobile front end, and that’s exactly what we deliver. CloudApper enables you to easily and affordably hook mobile app modules into your ERP system to fill gaps and open new opportunities for enhanced employee productivity.

The Best Complement to ERP Software

Considering the factors discussed above, ERP software customers need more to reach their maximum potential, especially with mobile capabilities. Enter the CloudApper no-code enterprise app development platform.

The CloudApper no-code enterprise app development platforms is:

  • Intuitive and easy to use: Customers can use our cloud-hosted solution or deploy the platform in their own environment and users access it by simply logging in to a web or mobile application.
  • Highly customizable: Anyone can easily create custom applications on our no-code platform. These apps can be built according to specific business needs without any coding skills at all… and it can be done within a matter of hours. There’s no need to hire expensive engineers or wait months for change to happen.
  • Affordable: CloudApper is only $10/user/month with an annual subscription and this includes unlimited apps.
  • Quick ROI: The applications developed on our no-code platform can be deployed instantly for use on both desktop and mobile devices. This accelerates the process of achieving a return on investment.
  • Easy to integrate: The CloudApper no-code platform can be directly integrated with legacy systems and more modern ERP software, or via other third-party integration services like Zapier.

When comparing the usefulness of our no-code platform as a complement to your ERP software, it’s clear that CloudApper can save you a lot of time and money while instantly modernizing your operations with mobile capabilities. Integrating with a no-code platform like CloudApper is fast and easy, providing an affordable way to improve employee productivity by enabling them to easily interact with ERP data from their mobile devices. Take the step towards the right direction today, and quickly gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

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