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Improve your visitors first impression by using visitor management mobile app for fast, accurate & secure visitor experience.
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What is

CloudApper Visitors?

The CloudApper Visitors app is a modern, affordable and effective way of managing visitors. With the help of CloudApper Visitors, any business can improve the visitor experience, digitize a concrete visit log, and save hours of paperwork. CloudApper Visitors also reduces administrative costs by replacing plastic or paper-based ID cards and associated printers with biometric data and a digital badge.

CloudApper Visitors
Visitors Keep Everything with Paperless

Go paperless

Reduce the cost and inefficiency associated with old visitor log books by deploying a fast and efficient digital visitor log management system that can be easily accessed, even from your smartphone.

Reduce Administrative Costs with visitors

Reduce administrative costs

Save time while eliminating the cost and headache of plastic and paper ID badges that often go missing through the use of CloudApper Visitors' digital visitor badges.

Visitors provide Strengthen Workplace Security

Strengthen workplace security

CloudApper Visitors app increases the security of your company by blacklisting intruders and restricting the entry of unwanted visitors.

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Fully Customizable

To Meet Your Needs!

Instantly customize the CloudApper Visitors app without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!


Editable app templates


No coding skills required


Drag and drop editor

Access Visitor

Information From Anywhere

Access visitor information from any location by using the CloudApper Visitors mobile application. No complicated or proprietary hardware is needed for your business to reap the benefits of Visitors. All of the application features can be accessed using a mobile device, such as verifying a visitor’s credentials.

Features of

CloudApper Visitors

Security Digital Badge Digital Badge

The system issues a digital badge to the visitor’s smartphone that can be instantly scanned by security personnel to confirm authorization status.

Digital Badge
Visit Log Management

Visit Log Management for all visitor Visit Log Management

Capture and store all visitor data including demographic information, images, documents, notes, activities, etc. Users can also access a real-time queue to see which visitors are on the premises at any time.

Visitors sends automatic Email Notification Email Notification

Visitors sends automatic email notifications to hosts as soon as the visitor checks in.

Email Notification
Blacklist Intruder

robust software system allows Blacklist Intruder Blacklist Intruders

The robust software system allows for a company to blacklist unwanted visitors and restrict these people from entering the property while alerting the organization’s security team.

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Secure access

Built-in administrative controls to manage information access permissions and perform certain tasks within the application.

Secure Access
Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting

Build robust reports on visitor information, including: visit times, employees visited, issues, visit types, visits by locations, departments and more!

Highly customizable

Fully customize CloudApper Visitors with a drag-and-drop design editor. Anyone can configure the application to meet specific business needs without any coding required.

Highly Customizable
Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard

Get valuable insights on visitor activities with an advanced analytics dashboard that supports prompt and informed decision-making.

Web and mobile app

Upload and verify data, images, documents and much more - all from your PC, laptop or smartphone. Enjoy device freedom in accessing the benefits of CloudApper Visitors.

Web and Mobile App
Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. CloudApper Visitors app is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment.

Why Waste Your Time and Money?

Seamless Visitor Experience


Visitor Experience

CloudApper Visitors app is an efficient visitor management system that enhances the visitor experience through a streamlined digital process. Once a visitor’s details are entered, CloudApper Visitors confirms entry by sending a digital badge to their smartphone.

How Does

CloudApper Visitors Work?

Visitors Work

Who Can Use

CloudApper Visitors?


School safety has been on the rise in recent years, particularly due to unwanted intrusions. CloudApper Visitors includes functions such as Blacklist Intruder that allows schools to detect and restrict unwanted visitors, making it a necessity in an educational institution.


With visitors coming in and out of your corporate offices, paper based systems can be inefficient, inaccurate and wasteful. Employing Visitors ensures efficiency in the welcoming of visitors and will be loved by your company’s reception staff.


Unlike older methods of registering patients upon arrival with a log book, CloudApper Visitors provides a less time consuming method of logging visitors, which is crucial in a time-sensitive industry such as health care.


Hotel receptions can often be a frantic environment due to the steady flow of guests checking in and out. CloudApper Visitors app can assist in streamlining the check in process and providing guests with a pleasant start to their stay.


Industrial factories are required to prioritize safety. Paper-based visitor log books often provide loopholes and may be filled with inaccuracies that can compromise staff and visitor safety. CloudApper Visitors app prevents this through an accurate digital logging system.

Law enforcement

Visitor information is extremely important in the law enforcement sector. CloudApper Visitors app accurately collects the information of visitors to ensure that high safety standards are met. CloudApper Visitors also ensures that visitors are processed in a fast and efficient manner, allowing more time for the urgent
tasks at hand.

Can't Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

Why Choose

CloudApper Visitors?

Why Choose Visitors
  • Reduced paperwork

    Reduce your paperwork and make data collection and visitor processing fast and efficient.

  • Complete visitor log with demographic detail

    Store a complete visit log and real-time profile of demographic, contact, activity, and other visitor details.

  • Remote access

    Fast 24/7 access to visitor information using mobile devices and web browsers.

  • Central facilities monitoring

    Monitor all facilities across your enterprise from a centralized web management system.

  • Keep the bad guys away

    Avoid the risks and costs associated with allowing troublemakers to access your facilities.

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